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How do I get XP?

Experience from PRP and roleplaying logs will be as follows:

Type Min/player Max/player Average/player
Roleplaying 10xp/lvl 50xp/lvl 25xp/lvl
PRP log, plot-driven 20xp/lvl 100xp/lvl 50xp/lvl
PRP log, encounter-driven 20% DMG 100% DMG 50% DMG
DM Award, PRP (without DM's PC participating) 50xp/lvl 200xp/lvl 100xp/lvl
DM Award, PRP (DM's PC participating) Standard PC award +5% Standard PC award +25% Standard PC award +15%

Please note that these figures refer only to a log that is not rejected. Rejected logs receive no XP.

A PRP DM may choose to run a plot-driven PRP and still gain a fair amount of XP for the players involved. This chart does skew the numbers in favor of plot-driven PRPs, yes -- those PRPs are less likely to have treasure to compensate players, so as a result they have been given more XP.

A PRP DM who participates in his own plot gets a slightly higher award, depending on the plot quality.

The logs which gain the maximum are the rare exceptions, and the logs which gain only the minimum barely met the requirements. Most will fall into the 'average' category, which describes good competent RP. Note that the awards are given by individual player -- better RP by one player may net him a larger percentage of what would have been his normal share of the DMG award.

All experience awards for plots will be calculated in the same way. The base award for good, competent roleplay in an encounter-driven plot is 50 percent DMG for level. Modifiers are then applied to the XP total, as follows. Note that this can, in some cases, total less than 50 percent or more than 100 percent. This is by design. Bonuses are added to the 50 percent, while penalties are subtracted. The final number is what percentage of the DMG award a PC receives for the plot.

XP for any one scene is capped at no more than half one level's worth.

How can I get more then the Normal?


Reason for bonus

1 - 5

Came closer to an IC +goal from incident


Showed good OOC sportsmanship about death/injury

Took personal risks

Used abilities cleverly

1 - 10

Acted to support his alignment

Posed well and clearly

1 - 20

Attained an IC +goal through RP


Reason for penalty

1 - 5

Had to be continually reminded it was his turn

1 - 10

Lack of quality in poses (i.e., continually bad poses, or poses that seem to be oblivious to what's happening around them. Note that short poses are not necessarily bad poses.)

Argued rules points excessively (Note: this does not include questions for clarification of scenes.)

Had to be ghostwalked (played by the DM or other player) without warning and prior DM consent (and/or prior consent of the player ghostwalking, if applicable.)

1 - 20

Acted in a means atypical to the PC for OOC reasons

20 (MIN)

Violated policy during the plot. This must also be reported to the Policy Wiz, with log.

What are +noms? How can I give them to people?

We use a coded system, +nom, to let people grant a small XP reward to other players in exchange for enjoyable RP. The syntax to use them is +nom Name. You can check how many you have left to give out by typing +nomcheck. Our rules regarding noms are as follows:

  • Every PC has 25 noms to spend in a week. No more than 3 of those per week may go to any PC.
  • You may not nom your own alts.
  • We would like to strongly recommend that players not indulge in 'nom-circling', or giving all one's noms only to one's immediate group of friends. Noms are not meant for that purpose they are there to give to anyone who gives you enjoyable RP. If we see repeated trends toward this from a given player, a player's nom privileges may be removed entirely.
  • The system will no longer allow you to nom someone who has not connected this week.