Varjo's Tunnels

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March 2008

Players: ShadowHawk, Octivus, Nikarn, Jessika

"Word has been sent to the temples in the city from an outpost three days ride from the city, the temples posted the message, or the clergy contacted people who they thought would be willing to go and they set off for the outpost. You didn't necessarily all come together but at the outpost you've all met up and been stocked up on supplies that might be required. The message? People have gone missing only to be found again in the village of the outpost a few days later, some missing body parts or organs, some having strange symbols carved upon their bodies. All bodies have been burned just for safety reasons. The killings seem very ritualistic in nature. Patrols up and down the side of the nearby cliff have come across what looks like a cave or tunnel opening, most have been too scared to go in, others that have gone in, never come out."

Octivus didn’t like the sound of this, When Chrull asked him to go, he was certain he had an idea of what it was for, and given the ritualism to it. Well, lets just say the man lives for this in his own way. Riding atop of his mount, two dogs follow him close behind Helios and Luna. They seem to be enjoying the playful romps through the snow that they get on the way out, Luna more so then Helios.

ShadowHawk skips along happily on top of the snow laughing at the biguns that have to plow through. His hair is pulled back into a tight tail with just the plaiting at either side hanging free and blowing in the wind, the only weapon visable is a crossbow on his back and that hangs with a comfort that speaks of use. "Hi everyone! Good to see that others were in the area!"

Having overheard Chrull talking to Octivus, Jessika took it upon herself to find out what was going on as well, the sound of the attacks angered the young woman, with a burning rage at what was being done to innocent people she packed her things, got on her horse and rode off to the outpost. Taking a bit of a different path so that Octivus wouldn't find out that she was heading straight into, most likely, danger. As she comes to the outpost she takes a deep breath as she realizes that when he does see her ride up he'll be an inferno, holding her chin up her hair and cloak flap behind her as she makes the horse run to get up with the group that is forming.

Nikarn stands quietly beside a large black warhorse. He has been at the outpost for an hour, having left as soon as he recieved word from the priests of the Temple of Mod. The paladin was ever ready to serve his god's will, and would leave at first notice. Now, he waited, having spent the better part of the morning sharpening his axe and shining his shield. Now, he only waits, seeing who else would arrive on the errand of the temples.

There are times in a man’s life when he must close his eyes, count to ten, and curse Tuli for giving some women the fiery personality not to just sit their asses down in front of a fire and embroider. At least Octivus did after he spotted Jess riding up. Turning his horse. A whistle comes from his lips for the dogs and he turns to head into the village. Luna kinda just looks at Octivus like he is impeeding on her fun, Helios is much more interested in the pouncing gnome, as despite his masters call, he wanders towards the blue man to sniff him.

ShadowHawk bends down and pets the doggie, then leans back and looks at it "I think your human wants you, you might want to go before he gets mad." He then stands up brushes the snow off himself and starts to head into the outpost where everone else seems to be gathering, he skips along the snow not leaving a mark behind in the fresh powder.

Jessika comes riding up to those that are already at the outpost, her horse nickers and snorts "I'm sorry I'm a little late" she says out of breath "Been running him hard the last league or two to get here" she dismounts from the back of the horse and looks about. She catches the sight of the back of Octivus knowing full well he's seen her she winces a bit knowing he's angry. She spots ShadowHawk and makes an inquistive expression but doesn't say anything she just follows the little man in.

Once inside. Octivus swings down from his horse, with another whistle, this time with a bit more affliction in his voice and the dogs come running forward. Looking around for a hall or temple to go to first, he seems to be searching for, anyone, anything that might signal that they are the town officials.

Nikarn steps away from his horse as the others come into the village, raising a hand in greeting to Octivus and Shadowhawk, and the belated Jess. "Hail, Octivus, Shadowhawk, and Jessika. It is about time you arrived." He studies them with cold eyes, the battle hardened paladin surveying what he takes to be the rest of the party come to investigate the murders. The Paladin puts a hand on his horse to calm it as he waits for the others to settle in.

ShadowHawk bounces right over to Nikarn "Hi, Whats going on here? I heard somebody say something about ritual murders so I came to see. I've never been ritually murdered so I figured it might be fun." He looks at those referred to as Octivus and Jessika then walks over to Jessika (shes cuter) stickes out his little hand and says "Hi my name is Shea Hamilton Alleyne Dunham Oberon Wendel Harken Aerynn Weylin Keegan Skyye of the great Skyye clan in Meloria, what is your name? It is nice to meet you. Are you cold?" he points at Octivus "Who is he? Is he as mean as he tries to look? Is he your boyfriend?" then sputters out as he ran out of breath.

Jessika's eyebrows go up in surprise as she tries to keep up with the little mans name never mind his questions, she takes his hand and gives it a shake "Hi I'm Jessika" she says with a grin "That's Octivus, and I dunno if I'd say he's mean, maybe just determined" she lowers her voice but still sounds friendly. She sticks with the group as she leads her horse on.

A skinny gaunt looking man is up ahead and stands as if waiting for something, upon seeing the group he waves his hand for them to come over to him.

Octivus raises an eyebrow before looking to the gnome, "I am not her boyfriend." he remarks, "I am a male, a friend, and a fell worshiper of Tuli." He remarks, "She belongs to none but Tuli." he turns back towards Nikarn and nods slowly, "Aye well, Ritualistic murders are." he catches himself before saying to much, "Interesting." That fits. He looks to the man that is waving them forward, and slowly, leaving his horse, he moves to head towards the man.

ShadowHawk moves to the man "Are you here to tell us whats going on?" he states, then grins at Octivus "Oh okay, just seemed a little too protective for 'just a friend' but whatever it does not matter to me" he then sticks his tongue out at Octivus before settling in to listen to the man.

Nikarn follows after Octivus quietly... well, as quietly as a clanking arsenal of weaponry and armor can. He comes to stand nearby, not speaking, but instead just waiting quietly. Its a strange situation to be following someone elses lead, but Nikarn doesn't mind, instead enjoying the opportunity to stand quietly in the background for once.

Jessika chuckles at the perceptive gnome, but straightens and stops chuckling as the group comes up to the man standing there waving them over. Her smile fades as she sees the sickly looking man, and wraps her cloak a little tighter around herself.

The man is really gaunt as everyone gathers around him it becomes more noticeable. His eyes rimmed with dark blak circles, his long black hair stringy and looking like it needs a good long bath. His smile looks slightly twisted as if it pains him to smile. "You must be the group from the city, we're so glad that you were able to make it so quickly. We've been sick with worry that we might be the next to be taken that a lot of us have fallen ill. The last courageous group that went searching for answers found what they described as a tunnel opening in the side of the cliff. They refused to go in since the last two groups that went out never returned home again" sadness fills his eyes as he explains the others not returning. He lets out a large shakey sigh "Anyhow, about two miles north staying with the cliff face is the opening, there's nothing more I can tell you about it as I said none others have returned." he explains to the group.

Octivus looks at Shadowhawk, raises an eyebrow and then looks around. He turns, leans down towards the small blue man and sticks his tongue right back out in a teasing manner. Standing up right he nods, "Alright." Comes the hunters voice and he frowns for along moment, "Do you have supplies in this town…healing for the sick?"

ShadowHawk grins at Octivus then stands, pats his crossbow and shifts his haversack into a comfortable position "Two miles north by cliff... ok lets go." then starts walking out of the outpost. He pauses 50 feet or so away "You guys coming!" he shouts then continues to walk.

Jessika stays quiet as she listens to the man who quite obviously is sick himself, and then just listens to those who speak to him. When she sees ShadowHawk start to walk away she looks surprised "Hold up, wait for the rest of us" she says to the gnome, thinking there was nothing else to be said she heads to catch up with him.

Nikarn looks to Octivus. "The village will hold its own, our job is to look into this cave. The sooner we solve this mystery, the better off everyone will be." He turns his attention to the gaunt man. "Thank you for your information, we will have this matter cleared up shortly." He nods to the man, glancing to Oct and Jess, and then follows after Shadowhawk.

The man looks to Octivus "Oh yes we've sent out for help from the city about that as well, a messenger came back just after, he arrived" he points to Nikarn "and told us that supplies are on route as we speak" he explains with another grimace of a smile.

Octivus nods slowly and moves to swing onto his horse. "So be it, Little brother." he calls down to Shadowhawk. "Do you need a ride to the cavern?" he shrugs and motions to one of his dogs, "Them or my mount back if you need one." He looks to Jessika and after along moment turns his horse towards the town entrance.

Jessika realizes that Octivus must be angry with her since he still hasn't said anything to her, she shrugs as she settles into her saddle "ShadowHawk would you like to ride with me?" she asks him in her honey toned voice as she comes up beside him. "Might be a bit of a walk for ya" she says in a friendly tone.

ShadowHawk looks up at Octivus as the mans horse easilly catches up to the blue man. "Well if you are willing to give me a ride I will take one, but only if you think it will slow us down for me to walk. I'm not a rider you see, thats my sister. She has a War Boar." then hearing Jessika's offer smiles again "Nevermind I'll ride with her." he then bounds across the snow to Jessika's horse. Standing there looking at the beast and how high up it is he looks around "Um Nikarn can you help me up please?" he asks.

Nikarn swings up onto his horse, and then turns, once again following behind. The man studies the group, having never worked with them before. Still, Octivus didn't look like a bad warrior, and Shadowhawk was rumored to be an excellent warrior, but time would tell. Nikarn just goes along, the stoic paladin keeping to his quiet ways as he goes along with the group

Jessika leans down offering her arm to ShadowHawk "I'll swing you up" she offers with a grin quite sure that she could lift the smaller man.

ShadowHawk takes Jessika's offered arm and is shortly sitting with her on the horse. "I've never been one for riding, since I have never been able to get a horse to tell me that it likes when people ride him, I just kind off feel like I am humiliating him when I ride." he then hangs on for the ride.

The group comes along to the opening to the tunnel, oddly enough there's no door closing it off from the elements, or curious adventurers. From standing outside it can be seen that the walls of the inside are smooth stone, almost looks like the workmanship of dwarves because it's smoothed out so well. Looking inside it faint lights can be seen as well. Though the tunnel is 15 feet wide and seems to go on forever, it's not tall enough for a horse with a rider on back.

ShadowHawk slides off the horse then moves to the front of it to give it a scratch "Thank you Sir." he then walks toward the cavern entrance steps in takes a look around and walks back to the group. "It's rather dark in there" he looks at Octivus and Nikarn "Either of you have something big and pointy I can make glow?"

Swinging from his mount back, he pulls off the saddle and places it on the ground. Its covered with a blanket and then covered in snow. "Alright boy. Don’t wander to far…" He states as he pets the horse lightly. He looks to ShadowHawk and thinks, "If you think it best. I have a rapier that can be glowy." he offers to Shadow and pulls out his weapon.

Jessika slips down from the saddle after making sure that ShadowHawk wasn't standing close by. "Well hmm" she says with a curious look on her face "I wasn't expecting an open door" she says as she looks at the opening of the tunnel. "What do you guys make of that?" she says to the other three.

Nikarn swings off his horse, and looks to Shadowhawk with cold eyes. "Here," he says, pointing to the top of the bow that reaches over his shoulder. "Why don't you light the end of this," he states, even as he removes the hammer from his belt and the shield from his harness. "If it stays there, then I won't have to carry it." He glances into the cavern, an eager look coming onto his face.

"Death, Trap, Ego and glory." Octivus offers before looking at Jessika, "And if we live through this, you not sleeping for a week." he says and motions for people to do what they are going to do and head in, "Now, if get in there soon, we can get out sooner."

ShadowHawk looks from the offered Rapier to the offered bow, then since the top of the bow is a good 3 feet over his head he moves toward Octivus then shakin ghis head moves back to Nikarn. Tapping him on the knee he motions to move the bow down into reach, once there he lightly moves his hands along the wood "Great wooden weapon of war please glow like the light of the sun and the champion you are!" The bow then begins to glow softly at first then with ever greater intensity until it throws light like a few torches. Shadow nods a bit of blue light leaking from his eyes then turns to face the tunnel. He appears to be speaking in Draconic

Nikarn growls, a deep guttural sound like a landslide. His eyes and face intensify, and he rises back to his feet, a fanatic look breaking his usually cold demeanor. "This land shall be sanctified by the Strength of Mod, the justice of his axe will be brought down upon this evil." He growls and heads into the cave, not waiting for the others at this point. It seems something is driving him beyond just the desire to explore the cave.

Nikarn gets a chuckle and Octivus nods slowly. "I like his style." He offers and motions for Shadow to go next, or Jessika. "I will take up rear." Octivus offers. "Or I can take second." he doesn’t care and moves towards the mouth of the cave. His dogs running in after Nikarn happily yelping.

ShadowHawk watches the big man head to the cave, then stands facing the back of the man as he walks. A chant is heard and light begins to pour out of Shadows eyes a deep purple leading to a solid dark blue of storm clouds at night "May the armour of dragons encase me and protect me!" he finishes as the light forms a translucent suit of armour around him that shimmers for a moment before fading to nothing. He then begins to walk after Nikarn not wanting to miss out on any fun. He appears to be speaking in Draconic

Jessika steps infront of Octivus barely glancing sideways as she steps into the tunnel "I don't see why we're going in single file when there seems to be enough room to walk two if not three abreast" she mutters as she draws her weapon as she goes, her blue eyes surveying the scene of the tunnel.

"Harder to hit people if they are single file." Octivus offers to Jessika. He doesn’t seem to be looking around to much. Oh no, His eyes are moving back and forth, back and forth. "Hmm." He reaches out, and then stops, thinking better of himself before actually pinching Jessika’s back side, "You’re a distraction." He mutters to Jessika and smiles before going back to looking around.

ShadowHawk moves along then points "HEY A DOOR!" he whispers, loudly "Should I knock?" then starts walking over to the door.

Jessika shakes her head "I swear you men only think with your... Oh hey he's right look a door!" she says as she goes over with ShadowHawk to the door that's just up ahead on the right hand side of the hall.

Nikarn shakes his head. "Just open it," he states as he hefts his hammer and prepares to charge through. Things would be so much easier if he didn't have to break the door down. Whatever was down here was something bad, and the usually stalwart Paladin's extreme change in demeanor should be an indication. His eyes kept roving around, as if he expected the very walls to reach out for them.

"I have three organs that make my choices for me, but only enough blood to work one effectively." Octivus motions Shadow to knock, "Tis not every man, Just the lecherous old ones who have nothing better to do with their days." He pulls out his dagger and smiles, "Lets hurry,"he remarks, "We should not spend so much time doing nothing but squawk like hens."

ShadowHawk reaches up an knocks on the door then graps the door and swings it open while trying to stay out of the way, both of the door and Nikarn. He succeeds in falling on his ass as his hands don't move as fast as his feet. Standing back up he says "It's locked I can't open it"

Jessika stands next to the door as ShadowHawk knocks and then proceeds to try to open the door. "Hm can anyone fiddle with locks and open them up?" she asks as if wishing she knew how too.

Octivus frowns and moves to reach into his robes. Pulling out a small case and moving up to his door he motions Shadow out of the way, "I .Might know how to open it." he offers with a soft shrug, ‘IF you would allow me a …try?" he asks of the group and is opening up the tools. Moving to go about his work, he nods after a click is heard and puts his tools away. "Door is open." Now, You have to ask, where did he learn that…

ShadowHawk steps back out of Octivus' way then quietly claps as the many unlocks the door. Since he is now not there to open the door Shadow draws his crossbow and loads a quarrel. Once loaded he points it at the door and hopes he will hit if needed.

Jessika standing nearby with her mace in her hand, she looks on nervously. It's easy to tell that this very young woman has never seen combat before and isn't quite sure she wants to yet. She awaits the door to open and wonders what might be inside.

Nikarn makes ready to spring, and then halts. "The evil here...," he shakes his head, looking at the other two. "Be on your guard and pay attention. What may come, I cannot say, but it will not be something you want to sneak up on us." With that he steps forward and kicks the door open, stepping through right afterwards, prepared to attack or defend against whatever might be on the other side.

Octivus stands and puts his tricks away. He looks to Jessika and moves to step near her. At the moment Nikarn is knocking in the door, Octivus says a quiet prayer to the cleric, "May Tuli Protect you."He whispers. Though what he was doing is cut short when he decides against it. Oh. No. he isn’t nice about it. Moving into the room with out hiding the Hunter raises his weapons at the ready before whistling out for his dogs.

Jessika looks stunned for a moment as it seems like Octivus was about to bless her and then changed his mind and turned away from her. She shakes the shock from her head, raises her mace and steps inside the door after Nikarn and Octivus.

ShadowHawk follows Jessika into the room holding his crossbow steady hoping to not have to need it. Once inside he pauses to take a good look around.

Looking around the room there's a candle on each of the four walls, above each candle there are tapestries with a strange religious symbol on each. The corners of the room are very dark, and other then the tapestries there doesn't seem to be much else in the room.

As Nikarn enters the room, he pauses only a minute, and then raises his warhammer. He springs forward, and as he reaches the corner of the room, the light from the bow on his back illuminates the figure of a skeleton. The creature barely had time to clack its jaws before the hammer swings down, smashing the skull to splinters, and scattering the bones across the room.

ShadowHawk sees Nikarn jump forward swing his hammer and making dust of a skeleton, he starts looking around for more. Seeing none he still hangs his crossbow back on his back then with a whispered word of magic and a twist of his wrist, a Gnomish hooked hammer appears suddenly ready for use.

Octivus raises an eyebrow at the sight of the undead. His holy symbol is out with a clatter of his dagger to the ground. "IN THE NAME TULI BOW BEFORE ME." he commands to the two that catch his eye. Tuli’s power is indeed strong with in the Hunter of the Undead. The symbol swirls with energy, and then with radiant burst of energy from him, a wave of energy comes from it knocking back the two and destroying them.

Jessika sees the skeletons and makes a small eeping noise after gulping loudly, "I wasn't expecting so many of them" she whispers to herself as she steps forward, putting on a brave face, she takes a swing at a tall skeleton ambling her way and spins completely sround as she completely misses it.

Suddenly when Jessika whispers something about there being so many a handful of tall lumbering skeletons come ambling out of the dark corners towards the group of brave adventurers. Can't say who they are or were, for all any know they could have been one of the parties who went missing.

The shambling skeleton that is after Jessika may have been intent on maiden for dinner, but theres a glint of gleaming metal, and the skeleton shatters to pieces. Standing in the dust is Nikarn, his cold eyes glance to Jessika, making sure she is unhurt, and then turns to find more undead to dispatch.

ShadowHawk bounces forward to a big bad bone man and swings his hammer with all his might, the head of the hammer hits with a 'Thwak' and a very small piece of bone chips of. "Take that Bone Man!" he yells as his hammer bounces back into ready position.

Oooh Jessika is becoming attacked. And this is not what Octivus wants to hear. Turning to the undead nearest him again, the symbol still blazes with a fire, "KNEEL." he shouts as the power of his faith destroys another two skeletons. "Jessika. Turn them dear." he calls, "Its your strongest weapon against the undead."

Jessika doesn't hear Octivus as she swings at another skeleton that's lumbering along towards them. She exhales hard as she misses the skeleton again. "What?" she says to Octivus sounding distracted.

The skeleton that Jessika just tried to hit with her mace, starts swinging its boney hands at her, but it seems she's more nimble and dodges out of the way.

Nikarn steps away from jessika and towards another skeleton, the hammer raising high. As the attack comes down, a bone from a previous skeleton is trod underfoot, and rolls, so throwing the massive paladin's hammer off just enough to break a couple ribs rather than destroy the thing. Nikarn growls, displeasure easily read on his usually impassive face.

ShadowHawk scrunches up his face into a war mask that would succeed in causing the most experianced warrior to fall to the ground laughing, and swings again the little hammer swings through the air with a vicious 'swoosh' but hits nothing.

Octivus growls and shows Jessika, with a flourish of his symbol he commands of the undead again, bow to Tuli. They crumple as he does and the cleric shouts to Jessika, "Your faith. it’s the most powerful thing you possess, USE IT."

Jessika growls as she takes another swing at the nearby skeleton, this time her mace makes contact and the skeleton seems to burst into a dust of ash and dust, and settles to the ground. After a moment she sneezes and says quietly "wow bless me"

The last skeleton stands in the centre of the room and as if sensing that maybe Jessika might be the most inexperienced adventurer reaches out and claws at the young woman. Catching the young woman with one of it's attacks causing the young woman to cry out in pain.

Nikarn turns from the fallen undead as he hears Jessika's cry of pain. His brow furrows, and he leaps forward, swinging his hammer with murderous intent. However, the dust on the floor proves detrimental, and he slides. His hammer still connects with the creature, but only shatters a few ribs and a shoulder blade as he passes by, the Paladin forced to crouch to maintain his balance.

There is a rule with Octivus, despite the valiant efforts of Jessika, and of Nikarn, but still, the undead creature touched what he has sworn to protect. As a result the rapier in his hand is flicked out suddenly, quickly, connecting solidly smashing the undead, well, dead once again.

ShadowHawk sees that the last skeleton has Octivus, Nikarn and Jessika by it so instead of joining them, he begins to search the room for anything worth carrying out. As he moves around the room a small pile of gold is found which quickly goes into a bag he also found, and a bottle of Alchemist fire. Gathering up the spoils he brings them over to Jessika, Octivus and Nikarn, "Treasure found who wants to carry it?" he says with a grin?

Octivus looks to Jessika and then moves to search the room for doors, exits, pretty bones that look like Lindsey lohan after an all you can eat buffet.

Nikarn looks to Shadowhawk, a bit of surprise on his face. "For a gnome to be so honorable, as to mention the discovery of coin, that is very noble of you Shadowhawk. If you wish it, I will carry the coin..." He pats the satchel at his belt. "It will not weigh me down." The paladin, then turns to look at Jessika. "Are you fit to continue? The undead beast did not hurt you too bad, did it?" The usually quiet Paladin has found reason to speak, showing more concern for those of his party than he has til now. It seems he didn't care what they did until they were hurt.

Jessika looks down at her arm with a small whimper, she fights to keep a brave face as she watches her arm bleed from the scratches inflicted by the skeleton. She nods absentmindedly "I'll be fine, thank you Nikarn" she says quietly.

ShadowHawk hands the bag of gold and the bottle to Nikarn then rummages through his haversack. He suddenly pulls his hand out with a triumphant grin holding a wand. Walking over to Jessika he starts thwaping her with it until it works and healing energy flows out causing her wounds to close. "There you go, good as new." he says as he puts the wand away.

Octivus comes back after a bit and shakes his head, "I can not find any way out other then the way we came in." he remarks and frowns slowly, "Perhaps our little friend would have a better chance." He states and looks to the Paladin, "Do you sense any more evil in this place?"

Nikarn looks around the room for a minute, and then closes his eyes. A few minutes pass, and he shakes his head, though the time he was doing this his teeth were grinding. "Alright, this way," he states, and heads back into the passage and begins moving down it, his hammer ready.

Jessika thanks Shadow as she rubs her arm "I guess we should head back out to see what else is around this weird place" she says as she eyes the tapestries again.

Octivus motions to the door as he picks up his dagger, "Lead on Paladin." he looks around for his dogs and lets out a whistle again for them. "Silly Beasts." he states and looks at the gnome with a soft smile. "Come.." he states, "We need to press on wards."

ShadowHawk vanishes his hammer again and begins to walk down the hall following Nikarn, the big shiney man should draw any fire that may come. He looks to Jessika as he walks "You are most welcome miss, I don't like seeing people hurt." then thinks for a moment "unless they deserve it." he finishes with a grin.

Out in the hallway taking a glance down the opposite way they came in by torch light it can be seen that there is a crossing of hallways ahead. The one the adventurers are in ends and another goes to the left and to the right.

Nikarn frowns slightly as they reach the tunnels. He looks around, trying to decide which way to go. He grunts, and turns right. He had once heard a bard tell a story of a minotaur in a maze, and that the only way to find your way through it was stick to one wall or the other until you got out. This said, he chose the wall to the right. He doesn't wait to see if the others would follow, just expecting that they will.

Jessika watches Nikarn look up and down the hallway, with a purse of her lips and a quirk of her brow she looks to the back of the Paladin and goes towards the left side of the hallway. She still carries her light mace in her hand as she walks down the left hallway.

Octivus watches as half go one way, and the paladin the other way. Turning to look up, the Cleric whispers, to himself, "Willful gel." he smiles slowly, "Thank you." This is said to Tuli. "Nikarn." He shouts. "You would leave a woman and gnome to possibly kill more of them with out us?" He calls. Attempting to keep the group together.

ShadowHawk watches the shiney man go to the right and frowns because he really wanted to go left, then smiles as the pretty lady goes to the left. He barely misses a step as he skips along beside Jessika down the left hand hallway eyes wide watching for anything out of the ordinary.

Nikarn pauses in the hallway, and turns around to watch the others go the other direction. Shaking his head, he turns and follows them. However, he slides the hammer into his belt, and the shield onto his back, and removes the battleaxe from its harness. He then takes up a new demeanor, perhaps colder and quieter than he was before. He was not used to /not/ being followed, and if this was how they were going to act, then he would just tag along now to make sure the others didn't get hurt... too bad. As long as he fulfilled his goal of removing whatever was causing this vile darkness within these unhallowed halls.

Jessika doesn't turn around to see who is following her she just continues down the hallway being watchful of what's coming up ahead.

ShadowHawk pulls the Tapestry away from the wall and looks behind it, it looks like a wall to him but he starts to run his hands over the wall letting the Tapestry fall then gets turned around in the dark and walks into the wall. "Umm guys where did you go it got dark in here all of a sudden!" he says just a little louder than normal.

Hey, Life tosses curve balls, Look at Octivus, He has a feeling Shadow is going to win over his woman’s affections, but is he jealous? Not really. A frown comes to his face, "Evil." He says and moves to pull the tapestry back for Shadow, "Come on out here little brother."

ShadowHawk gives a little bow to Octivus, "Thank you Sir. That evil wall hanging just attacked me with some sort of blindness attack, it was kind of a wierd feeling and not as much fun as I would have thought." He then looks around "Nothing but wall there so I guess we have to go back then, right?"

Jessika steps up towards the box "What do you make of this?" she asks after Shadow steps down from it "Think there might be something in it?" she bends down to look at it a bit closer.

Nikarn backs away from the box. He can't detect magic, but he isn't one to open random boxes. "Can anyone make sure it isn't trapped?" The Paladin isn't afraid, but... if they were all hit by some sort of sleeping gas, it would prove rather obnoxious to wake up chained and bleeding to a wall somewhere.

Octivus studies the tapestry for along moment. He sighs as his own mind seems to play tricks on him, moving to pull back and look over the box, his tools are pulled out, and after a bit of working, there is a CLICK, before the lock opens. He moves to slowly open the lid.

Jessika hears the click of the lock and realizes that she had been holding her breath while Octivus was fiddling with the lock on the box. She sighs when it doesn't blow up in his face. Maybe she is kinda sweet on him after all.

Nikarn seems to... well, he hasn't changed. Its unlikely that the Paladin ever relaxes, but he nods when Octivus succeeds. He lowers the axe from his shoulders and sets the head on the ground and watches as he opens it, though the handle is still firmly gripped in his hand.

ShadowHawk has been doing something that many would assume is completly impossible, he waits, Quietly, watching the big man work on the box. He begins to clap when the box clicks open and asks "Whats in there?"

Octivus opens the box and frowns, putting his hand in and pulling it back out he notices a spider on the back of his hand. Shaking it off he cusses, "Fucking spiders." the box is set down, "Anyone want a box." he motions back outwards.

Jessika jumps back a bit as she sees Octivus shake the spider off his hand, she seems to visibly shudder at the sight of the little nuisance.

Nikarn just stares at the spiders, a vague look on his face. "Which direction shall we try next?" He asks the question politely, quietly... though his rumbling voice is hardly considered quiet even when he speaks softly.

Jessika stands there studying the tapestry for a few moments before Nikarn says something, she turns to the sound of his voice "hmm?" she asks quietly "Oh yes I guess we should go the other way now, I was just trying to study this wall hanging to see if I could place this symbol" she turns and starts down the hall the other way.

ShadowHawk looks at the wall hanging again "It is a symbol for evil hangings that blind people!" he says then follows Jessika down the hall.

Octivus smirks, "Back the way we came, and then down the tunnel you wished to go down." he stands up, "we are wasting time. Come on." He motions the group back the way they came.

Down the hall that has yet to be explored there are more of these tapestries hanging along the walls between the torches on the walls. Up ahead there's a tunnel leading off to the left, and another opening to another hallway up ahead on the right.

Nikarn nods and follows along again, his expression not so cold. Chances are he is more dissappointed at not finding anything worth mention than at the fact that the party's choice turned out to be wrong. If this cavern was uniform, his choice was likely to be just as fruitless as the others. Not that he minded much, if all of the evil was cleared from here, then he would be pleased. And that meant searching everywhere.

ShadowHawk skips along the hall keeping up with the group and casting dirty looks at the tapestries as he passes them, one has attacked him he's not getting close enough for another to do the same. This time he hangs back to see which way everyone decides to go so he does not get lost.

Nikarn glances along the halls. "This is taking a long time. Should we split up, and if we see something, we come back to tell the others or shout if we have a problem? Meet back here in five minutes if we don't find anything?" He offers the simple suggestion. "Shadowhawk and Jessika would go together, Octivus seems to be able to handle himself, and I would take another route."

Jessika nods "Thats fine with me, ShadowHawk and I will go to the right" she looks to ShadowHawk "Is that ok with you?" she asks quietly.

ShadowHawk grins up at Jessika "Yes we can go right, the only thing is if we are to tell the rest if there is problems how do we do that?" he starts to grin "One moment Mr Skeleton, would you be so kind as to wait here so we can go get our friends to kill you, we will be right back..."

Octivus frowns, "No." He remarks, "The group sticks together." He offers firmly, "To many little groups can easily be picked off one by one." Octivus states to the others.

Nikarn nods. "That is well of you to be concerned for the safety of the group," he states. He then gestures towards the left hall. "That one is the closest, shall we start with it?" He begins walking in that direction, but does not turn to go down it yet.

Jessika shrugs "I'm good with whichever" she says and walks to the tunnel opening. She keeps her mace in her hand at the ready and her eyes wide open for anything.

ShadowHawk nods "No point in passing hallways or rooms to go to a farther one, doing that leaves a lot of unknown behind you that can move up and become known at the worst possible time." He then pulls out his crossbow again and sets a bolt so he will be ready for the 'unknown' ahead.

Nikarn nods and heads down the hallway, his axe at the ready, keeping his eyes open and his mind alert.

Down the left hand hallway. The hall is still lined with torches, it almost seems that it goes on for hundreds of feet, just lined with the tapestries on either side. Other then that there doesn't seem to be any doors.

ShadowHawk moves along behind the groop his crossbow ready, as he walks he listen for anything moving around the group and watches the walls to either side and the path behind for any sign of something amiss.

Nikarn walks down the hall, seemingly oblivious to everything except whats directly in front of him, glancing occaisionally at the walls, but not really paying them much heed. Nikarn usually is more of the kind to look for whats right in front of him then something hidden, but he increases his pace slightly the longer they walk, it seems he is eager to reach the end of this hallway.

Jessika with a look of cofusion as to why there would be such a long hallway without any doors, a sudden dawning comes over her face and she starts walking a bit slower but looks behind each of the tapestries and pulling slightly on the torch holders. Until finally she stops beside a tapestry, the material in hand as she looks behind the tapestry. "I do believe I've found a door" she says quietly.

Octivus gives a glance around slowly, attempting to assess the situation, "Can you detect anything?" He asks of Nikarn. Taking his time to look around, attempting to search for doors or well, anything really. Snapping his head around at Jessika’s words, He moves to pull down the tapestry from the wall and his rapier comes out. It takes a bit of effort, but he finally gets the tapestry down to reveal the door Jessika found.

Nikarn stops, and looks to Jessika. "Well done," he praises her, having been so intent on just reaching the end of the hall that he hadn't thought about looking behind the tapesties. He hefts the axe and waits a moment to see what the others will do.

Octivus looks over the door, and then, after a moment he leans back. "That there is a door, there doesn't seem to be any traps but there also doesn't really seem to be a door knob on it either. Its a wooden dooer but it's just flat, hinges on the inside. So someone needs to "figure out" how exactly this door opens." He looks to the group and frowns, "Idea’s?" Octivus wonders and looks to the gnome.

ShadowHawk looks to Octivus and thinks for a moment "I am a believer in Knock and if they want you in they will open, if not then leave it to someone else to open. That said I do not know a way to open a door without a handle unless it is just a push, I leave the opening tricky things to my sister." Shadow is still standing a good ten feet away from the door eying the Tapestry that had hung infront of it with a look of disgust.

Nikarn looks at the door. "I will open it," he states, and then takes three steps and throws his massive body against the door. Dust falls from the ceiling, and the sound of metal hitting wood echo through the halls. Nikarn grunts, and backs up, the intent to try once more plain upon his face.

Octivus steps out of the way before Nikarn smooshes him. Watching this, Octivus knots his brow, "Um." he starts out and looks around. "That on is -all- You Nikarn. Be the hero."

Nikarn smashes into the door once more, this time with a grunt. The door doesn't seem to budge and Nikarn just shakes his head. "This is...unusual," he states, and then brings his axe up. "Watch for splinters," he states, and then swings the axe with explosive force.

Jessika blinks as she watches the Paladin run at the door not once but twice doing absolutely no damage to the door.

ShadowHawk shakes his head at the big man who seems to think that it takes a body to knock on a door, then walks over to the door. "Um Nikarn you seem to be doing things the hard way, see watch I'll show you how to knock." He then reaches out and knocks on the door three times and shouts "HELLO, PLEASE LET US IN!" before stepping back from the door.

The axe clanges uselessly off of the door, not even leaving a tiny dent. Nikarn, however, sets the axe down and shakes his hands, showing for a moment a sign of weakness, very uncommon for the paladin. "Alright," he states, looking at the door, and watches Shadowhawk knock on it.

After the gnome walks up and knocks on the door three times a lock somewhere inside of the door clicks and it opens up a few inches.

Octivus just kinda stays back and looks over to Jessika, "And that is why you always follow gnomes." He states to the priestess. "Its hard to explain really, but they tend to think out side the box." The warrior moves to peek in behind the door.

Jessika tries to hide a chuckle "Seems that bashing things doesn't always work" she says with the chuckle in her voice. She clears her throat "Are you alright, Nikarn?" she asks wondering if he had hurt himself.

ShadowHawk looks at the door then smiles at Nikarn "See, sometimes you just have to be polite." Hearing Octivus' statment he turns "Of course I'm outside the box we left it way back there with the killer tapistry." He then reaches out and swings the door wide.

Nikarn shakes his head, and just watches and waits. Its obvious that his usual method, brawn before brains, wasn't going to work all the time in this place. Wich was really quite dissappointing for the Modling. His way was not that of trickery and intrigue, but of war and the blade. Such it was that he decided to just follow along, and see what came of it, instead of trying to lead aimlessly. To Jessika, who had just asked after his well-being, he gives a studious glance. "I am fine. Mod strengthens my flesh, I am merely grazed by my own brazen will."

Jessika gets a smirk and Octivus moves to head into the room, "Come on, We are wasting time." He motions towards the room, "Hurry.."

ShadowHawk looks through the doorway and sees ... stuff. He moves into the room with a gleefull sigh and starts searching through it.

Nikarn looks into the room and then sighs. It seems that what is in there isn't what he wants. "Be quick, we can always come back for... loot." He says this with a growl in his throat. "There is a horror here, and while we wait, it might even now be taking more people from the village." He grows edgy, and glances down the halls. "Shall I search ahead and see what lies at the end of the tunnel while you dally here?"

ShadowHawk sees that the paladin seems to be getting antsy the longer we are in here, he must be afraid of the dark, starts shoving everything he can find into pouches or bags on the gound then puts all the bags into his haversack. "Remind me when we get out and we can look to see what was here at our leisure."

ShadowHawk finishes scooping up the goods and shoulders his haversack, he then walks out the door and states "Which way?" then looks to Jessika.

Octivus looks to Jessika also. Allowing her the heavy burden of leading the group to doom. "You are appointed leader Priestess." he whispers quietly to the young woman, "I will allow you to lead." he seems mildy amused by this turn of events.

Jessika quirks her eyebrow at Octivus "You'll allow it?" she says not amused "Feel free to go whichever way you want, I'm going back to that other hallway to see what was down that other one, before going too far down this one" she says bruskly "I am not your leader and you're not allowing me anything" apparently her time in the tunnel is grating on her nerves, either that or Octivus is.

ShadowHawk brushes dust off himself and states "Well it's decided then we go back." he starts walking in that direction totally oblivious to the tension between the Tulites. As he walks he still keeps an eye on the tapistries as he does not want to be ambushed again.

Going down the shorter hallway back behind the group, they come up to a door. A large wooden door, with a handle on it and it's hinges are facing the inside of the door. It's 7 feet tall and looks like a fairly thick door. The hallway is the same as the others, lined with torches and tapestries depicting strange religious symbols.

Octivus seems to be just amused more then anything, and heading after the duo, he motions for Nikarn to follow. Over all the hunter just seems to be looking around, for well, anything really. Stopping at the door he looks over to Nikarn, "Want to run into this one to?" he inquires and moves to drop downto check it over and see if its trapped.

Jessika stays to the back of the hallway, the opposite side of the door since she knows she can't do anything with opening a door. Or can she? She stands there studying the tapestries on either side of the doors instead. Finally she gasps and says "Oh I finally figured it out" she says slightly excited but then her mood changes "Varjo" she whispers to the group.

ShadowHawk jumps a little at the mention of Varjo, "Varjo! Where!" he exclaims looking around to see where she could be hiding. Not seeing anyone he shrugs "Should I knock again?"

Head snapping around at the word of Varjo, Octivus growls and then studies the symbols. He sighs. His head coming to restin his hands quietly, and offers a silent prayer. "Tuli, let me dominate this." he whispers softly though the stoned hall allows it to echo a bit as he moves to unlock the door. He isn’t fast enough, not by a long run as the door is not yet unlocked, a blade swings down, slicing into the man’s shoulder not once, but twice. He screams in surprise more then anything and falls back onto his ass.

Jessika cries out in surprise "Octivus?!" as she hears him scream and sees the blade slice him not once but twice. "Octivus are you alright?" she says as she crosses the width of the hallway in two bounds.

ShadowHawk watches blood spray as a blade swings by Octivus and immediatly starts rummaging around in his haversack again. Pulling out his wand again he walks over and starts boping Octivus on the head with the wand until the healing energys flow out and heal the man. Surely the healing would be welcome but the constant thwaping may be a bit of a distraction.

"Tis a scratch." Octivus offers, "I was surprised." It more then a scratch really, but it could have been a lot worse. The tap of wand upon his person closes the wound up and the gnome gets a nod, "Many thanks." he states and moves to look back over the door, attempting to make sure that was the -only- surprise.

Nikarn's eyebrows raise in surprise at the sight of the blade. As of yet, he's just been following along quietly. Not really intent on smashing himself into another magic door, he just watched and waited. Now he steps forwards and swings his battleaxe, smashing the blade that had just swung down and breaking it from its hinges. The blade drops, and he steps aside... but then he growls. The blade is smashed. He shakes his head, and stares at it for a minute. With a sigh, he slides it back onto its hook on his harness, and retrieves his hammer and shield. He is obviously displeased, though the cold Paladin shows little sign of it besides a furrowing of his brows.

Octivus is bout to make the Paladin’s day worse. Not only does he have to dodge the blade for his own fault, but now, Nikarn’s takin the blade down causes his temper to get the best of him. Finding himself on the ground, on his ass again, the hunter pulls back, and lands a punch well, in Nikarn’s fun bits. "Down boy, Wait until I am done." He orders and moves to sit back up to work on the lock. Again!

As Jessika was getting towards the door, she stops seeing Nikarn about to swing at the blade with his axe. Her jaw drops open in surprise as she watches the Paladin smash the blade as well as the one in his hand. Eyerbows jumping up into shock as she then watches Octivus turn and punch the man in the groin area. "What in Talvi's tit, is going on with you men?" she says loudly in disbelief. She stands there in the middle of the hallway stunned.

As the big Paladin's axe shatters, Shadowhawks mouth forms a silent 'O' then to see Octivus' reaction the 'O' turns to a smirk then a chuckle then to an all out belly holding rolling on the ground laugh. After a few moments he starts to stand again then looks at Nikarn's face and falls again laughing, this process goes on for a few minutes before he finally can get over to thwap Nikarn with his wand enought times to heal him.

Nikarn grunts and leans against a wall. Its obvious hes angry, fire glowing in his eyes, but instead he just stares at Octivus. He says nothing, makes no motion, just leans there, not even paying attention to Shadowhawk as he smacks him with a stick. What thoughts the Paladin has, he keeps to himself. There is obviously nothing he can do, and perhaps he deserved it for not expressing his intentions. Either way, the blade is no longer a danger, and he has aching loins and a broken axe to show for it.

Octivus sets about his work, and then, with a click of the lock he grunts. "Door Open." he remarks and looks at the Paladin, "Next time, Warn me." he offers and moves to look at the blade, "Jessika. If you wold be a doll."he motions to the Paladin, "I am sure Tuli’s healing touch could aide the….soreness." He obviously mans more then what Shadow healed up. And then, he moves to move the blade so they can go in.

Jessika quirks an eyebrow "I will distribute Tuli's healing when it's requested" she offers to Octivus flatly, "Nikarn are you alright?" she asks again this time the softness back in her voice that wasn't present when just speaking to Octivus. She gives ShadowHawk a 'that's not funny' look.

ShadowHawk put his wand away then pulls his crossbow to the ready, still trying to repress a giggle, that is made harder by Jessikas look. Looking at the door he waits steadily for someone with in reach to open it.

As one of the rooms before this one as the door opens it can be seen that there is one candle on each wall, above each a tapestry devoted to Varjo. The room is dim and the corners are dark, in this room though there seems to be an altar type table in the middle of the room with a skeleton laying upon it.

Nikarn grunts, and shakes his head. "I am fine, it is only a dull ache, and Shadowhawk's wand has removed the other damages to my person." He touches the scar over his right eye with his thumb. "This hurt worse, and ached longer." He rises to his feet, readjusting the axe, and firming his grip on his hammer. He offers her a faint smile, something that seems like it might almost break his face to even attempt. "Thank you though," he states, and looks on to the next room.

Octivus holds up a hand to the group as if to say let him go in first. Carefully moving through the door, he wanders first towards the dark corners. He is attempting to see what is in here.

ShadowHawk stands looking as the door opens and shivers suddenly as his magical armour seems to dissapate. Seeing the room that opens he knows that he may need the extra protection and so starts to chant under his breath, blue light spills out of his eyes to envelophim again in a suit of mystical armour that is only visable for a moment before fading away again.

Jessika sighs quietly and mumbles "...fat head....way" she enters the room behind the others with her mace in her hand and she's now wearing her buckler over her other forearm where the last skeleton scratched her. She tries to glance about the room.

Nikarn looks around the room upon entering behind Octivus. "Skeletons," he states, and begins heading their direction. A thought runs through the Paladin's mind: If this were such an evil place, why were there only skeletons? The undead rarely made such an evil presence, especially ones of this level. He raises his hammer and walks towards them, stating, "Mod's Strength shines bright for all, even on the Dead."

ShadowHawk mumbles "Skellys again, sorry crossbow" then hangs the bow back on his back as he walks into the room behind everyone else, still shaking his head as he goes.

Octivus doesn’t seem to be moving to attack. Not yet at least. He moves to draw his weapon though, "Spread out…" He says quietly and looks towards Shadowhawk, "Your wand can make quick work of these.." he offers out and takes his fighting stance.

ShadowHawk hears Octivus' advice and reaches back into his haversack for the healing wand, once it is out he looks around and points to each of the four corners with the wand, "There are lots of Skellys, there, there, some there and more there."

Octivus moves to the one on the altar. He raises his rapier and brings it down upon the skeleton smashing it to dust. He looks around for a moment and frowns.

Jessika sees a skeleton come out of the dark at her, out of reflex more then planning she takes a swing at it and knocks it's head off. It rolls away and turns to dust as does the body in front of her. "Hey I got it" she says sounding surprised.

The skeletons seem to come from all the corners at once, swinging at everyone, mostly just hitting each other. Except for two, swing one arm and then the other one connects with Octivus and scratches the man. The other skeleton takes advantage of Jessika's distracted state and swipes at her, catching her in the cheek with a smack and scratching her cheek, causing her to cry out of surprise.

ShadowHawk swings his wand around and points it at a skeleton with great flourish, "I'll heal you to death undead thingy" he shouts and nothing happens with the wand. He shakes it and gives it a dirty look, "You're working for them arn't you!"

Nikarn approaches the first of the skeletons, and swings his hammer down. The bones splinter and break, and the skeleton is scattered through the room. The Paladin then turns and looks for the next skeleton, hoping that he would do a better job of removing them before anyone was injured more.

Octivus turns on his toes, moving with a war tested fluidity, his rapier is allowed to fall down towards his side and his symbol glows over his armor, "TOUCH ME NOT CHILD OF VARJO." he commands and the skeletons turn to dust.

Jessika cries out in surprise at the painful slap she's received from the skeleton and takes her mace like a baseball bat, and swings hard at the boney thing in front of her. "Take that!" she says as she knocks it's head off and again watches it turn to a dust pile in front of her.

The rest of the skeletons seem to come all at once at the adventurers. Two after Nikarn, their boney fingertips can be heard screeching across the large paladins armor causing an ear splitting sound. Another swings at ShadowHawk, but the small gnomish man is able to dodge out of the way of the long boney fingers. Apparently one going after Octivus didn't listen to his command of not touching him and strikes the man as he tries to step out of the way. Lastly, Jessika gets another smack in the face, the boney fingertip digging into her soft cheek flesh.

ShadowHawk flourishes his wand again at a skeleton this time a flash of blue light shoots forth striking one of the skeletons attacking him. The skeleton glows for a moment then explodes in a cloud of bone dust litteraly covering the poor gnome in grey powder. "Told You!" he shouts at the disintigrating skeleton.

The symbol of the battleaxe on Nikarn's breastplate begins to glow, and he states to the Skeleton's, "Mod's Strength, Bless you with Eternal Rest!" One of the skeletons before him turns to dust, the other halts and stares with empty eyes in the direction of Nikarn, no longer moving. Nikarn grunts. "That is new," he states, readying his hammer.

Octivus growls and steps closer to Jessika. "Do not touch us.." He commands, though, something in his voice is not exactly as strong as before. Either way, the man’s symbol burns bright before a blinding lightly of Tuli’s fire comes from him, destroying the last skeletons.

Oddly enough the skeleton that was just standing there blankly (if a skeleton can stare blankly) at Nikarn suddenly falls down dead in a pile of dust as well.

Octivus looks around, and under the altar, the hunter finds a pouch, hefting it lightly, he tosses it towards Shadow, "Hold on to that eh?" he asks and pulls out the acid, "These...might be useful." he remarks.

ShadowHawk sees the last of the skeletons fall apart, brushes the dust off himself and goes around the room thwapping people until there is no longer a scratch from the skeletons to show on any of his companions. After receiving the items from Octivus he places them and the wand back into his haversack. "Everyone should be in tip top shape now then." he states still brushing skelly dust off his clothes.

Jessika looks around the room searching for anything that she might be able to find, suddenly the toe of her boot hits something soft. "Oh I found a small pouch with some coin in it" she says quietly as she pick it up. Looking to the gnome as he comes over to thwap her "ShadowHawk would you mind holding onto this for us?" she asks quite sweetly.

Nikarn stands quietly, waiting for the others, watching the door in case something else might come through, though he shows little worry. Idly, he rubs at the emblem on his chest.

ShadowHawk gathers the pouch from Jessika and adds it to the rest in his haversack, he then looks to the door "Shall we head back to the long dark tunnel of doom?"

Jessika chuckles and nods at ShadowHawk "Yes I believe that's what we decided on" she says as she brushes the skelly dust out of her hair and off of her robes. She heads out of the door back towards with ShadowHawk.

Octivus nods slowly and turns to head back out the door. His sword is not put away, rather, he uses it as the lead out. He falls silent in his steps, attempting to lay as low as possible to the shadows.

Nikarn follows along behind the others, walking quietly. He wasn't much of one for words, more of one for action. Actions that were sometimes seen as brash, but the Paladin rarely took the time to think his activity through, merely acted on what he thought was the best thing to do.

Well the hallway hasn't changed much since the adventurers were in it last, it's long, can't see the end kinda long. Filled with torches and tapestries. Seriously who needs a hall this long that has no doors. The secret door that was found early is still open, and the room is now void of the treasures that were in it. As the gnomish man now carries it all.

Making his way down the hallway, Octivus stops after a bit, he rests leading against his one of the torch holders. It moves, revealing a room much like the others. An altar in the center, although this one is darker then the last. His head peeks in, and then, as he does he jerks it back suddenly. An Energy bolt wizzing past his head. "HOLY Tuli’s tit…." He cusses.

Jessika stops suddenly as Octivus not only finds another concealed room but a burst of energy comes flying out of the hidden room, "What the.." her hand clenching the mace in her hand.

ShadowHawk looks up with a pout, "I wish I could find things like that but the torch holders are always too high for me to lean on." He then steps away from the door not wanting to be the next target.

Nikarn raises an eyebrow as an explosion of energy flies out of the room. That was certainly unexpected. He looks inside, from his vantage point in the halls, quietly assessing the situation.

Nikarn steps to where he can peer into the room. There is something in there launching energy balls. As he looks into the darkness, knives come barreling out and clang uselessly off of his armor, however, one manages to penetrate the shoulder joints of the gleaming plate. Grunting, Nikarn raises his shield and hammer and moves into the room. "Mod protect his servant," he states.

Jessika strains to hear as she sees energy balls and daggers come flying out of the room, she frowns as she listens. "Wait, it sounds like someone is casting a spell of some sort" she says quietly.

Octivus frowns and looks up at Jessika's words, "My friends." he remarks and reaches out to grab Jessika's hand. "RUN." he calls and attempts to bolt with the woman in tow.

ShadowHawk stands there in a moment of indecision watching NIkarn walk into the room and Octivus grabbing Jessika to run. "Uh Nikarn you might want to come back out because it seems like we are running away now!" he souts the chases after the Tulites.

Jessika sputters as Octivus grabs her arm "Octivus..." she looks towards the door "What are you doing?" she gets out as he practically drags her down the hall. "Octivus?!" she tries to wrench her arm free. "What the fuck is the matter with you?" she asks scared now.

Nikarn steps into the room, and looks around. And then backpedals quickly. "Spiders," he states. Could it be that the Paladin is shaken? Doubtful. Perhaps he'd rather just not deal with whatever is going on in there. The others begin moving away, and he steps away from the door and begins moving along with them, though not quite as fast. He doesn't know whats going on, but its not like he's going to run away...

Octivus stops and looks at Jessika, "Remember I told you I lived before?" he asks. "I know that spell, I know its bad, and I know those spiders will not be affected by our doings. Its best to run now, live and get more ability, then to die like fools."

The scritchy scratching sound of millions of little spider legs fills the hallway, almost at a deafening level. Black spiders the size Jessika's palm scurry along the walls, the ceiling, the floor, it seems they're trying to catching up with the adventurers.

Jessika hears Octivus as his voice suddenly get drowned out by the sound of spiders scurrying. She ventures a peek behind them and pales when she sees the sheer number of spiders coming after them. Her chin bounces as she tries to manage some sort of speech "Run!" she says understanding completely now. She turns on her heels and flees down the hall towards the way they came in.

ShadowHawk hears the discussionn and almost turns around to die like a fool just for fun but sees the palm sized spiders and turns and runs past the talking Tulites toward the open air and spaces of outside. "Someone can send a message to the Kings men for guards, I didn't sign on for spiders!" he shouts over his shoulder as he runs.

As the spiders begin swarming after him, Nikarn just grunts and picks up the pace, his long legs carrying him quickly, like a giant clanking mass of metal and muscle. It seems Nikarn doesn't like spiders, at least, not when they could take his hand off.

Octivus is bolting for it. He isn't likin this, "Remind me to speak with Heather.." he shouts to Jessika, "her nad Amari would be perfect for this part..."

The spiders keep the chase on through the twists and turns. As the adventurers get to the tunnel entrance out in the snow, most likely heaving for air. The spiders look as if they're about to spring forth from the mouth of the tunnel, but as they do they turn to little poofs of dust. Seems that they're not really supposed to leave the tunnels. So they pool there at the opening of the tunnel, like a black inky writhing pool of ink.

ShadowHawk runs a few more feet into the snow then noticing that the spiders are not able to leave the cave, falls over into a heaving, panting heap.

Jessika stops just outside the tunnel, her lungs burning for oxygen. She can't talk as she gasps for air, she just walks around in a small circle shaking her head and trying to breathe.

Nikarn, last out, skids to a halt in the snow outside. He shakes his head, and falls to his knees. "Mod forgive me, I have failed." He begins praying to his god, asking forgiveness for his weakness, and inability to rid this foul temple of the evil within it.

Octivus falls down to his knees in the snow, "We…" he shakes his head slowly, "Are not equipped enough to go against one of Varjo’s Cleric such a level." He tries to speak around his panting, "Nothing wrong with falling back, and getting those to aide in cause."

"Ew!" Jessika finally finds her voice again as her breath starts to steady "that was just" she shudders all over "Gah! I hate spiders, they're so icky!" she says and sits down in the snow. She looks over "Octivus is right Nikarn, we're not equipped for that" she says reassuringly.

ShadowHawk lays on the ground and pants, he then smiles and stands "Lets go back in and do that again!" he says then laughing starts throwing snowballs at everyone.

It probably isn't the words that break Nikarn from his reverie, but likely the snowball thrown by Shadowhawk, smacking icily against his head. Nikarn stops his praying, and then looks at the tunnel, where the spiders seem like a moving shadow within. This was not something he could handle, it seems. "You are right. I am still displeased that I am so weak, though. I will train harder. However, this problem must be dealt with. I will travel quickly to Vintermor and alert the priests. One of my superiors must return."

"Its not weakness." octivus nods simply. "Alright, We will head back to the town and then home." he sighs and looks at Jessika. "or where ever the others say to." Octivus gets hit with a snow ball, and falls over into the snow, "Damn."

After being hit with a snowball, Jessika bends down and scoops up some snow "C'mere little man!" she says and lofts one at ShadowHawk. Afterward she put the tips of two fingers into her mouth and lets loose a high whistle. A few moments later her horse comes trotting up, she sighs "C'mon then, let's go home" she looks over to ShadowHawk "Want a ride?"

Nikarn looks to the others. "I must report to the temple of Mod at once." He moves towards his mount, and begins rubbing it down to warm it before he mounts. He doesn't seem to be in as much of a hurry as he had seemed to imply, but there is still a sense of urgency about his actions.

ShadowHawk wipes snow off himself and then runs over to Jessika and her horse after asking the horses permission he climbs up with her for a ride back to the town or maybe even the city. "Thank you for the ride, Jessika." he says as he rides along.

Octivus mounts his own steed and falls forward. "Bring me home..." he whispers to his mount.