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Absorption Acid Arrow Acid Fog
Acid Orb Adrenaline Surge Aid Air Walk
Alarm Alter Self Analyze Dweomer Animal Friendship
Animal Growth Animal Messenger Animal Reduction Animal Shapes
Animal Trance Animal Trick Animate Dead Animate Objects
Animate Rope Antilife Shell Antimagic Field Antipathy
Antiplant Shell Arcane Eye Arcane Lock Arcane Mark
Arcane Sight Armor Of Darkness Aspect Of The Deity Astral Projection
Atonement Augury Awaken


Bane Banishment Barkskin
Bear's Endurance Bear's Heart Beastmask Beast Claws
Beget Bogun Bestow Curse Big Sky Binding
Blacklight Black Tentacles Blade Barrier Blasphemy
Bless Blessed Aim Bless Water Bless Weapon
Blight Blight Enemy Blindness-Deafness Blink
Bloodhound Blur Body Of The Sun Bolts Of Bedevilment
Bolt Of Glory Bottle Of Smoke Brain Spider Brambles
Break Enchantment Briar Web Bull's Strength Burial Blessing
Burning Hands


Call Lightning Calm Animals Calm Emotions
Camouflage Castigate Cat's Grace Cause Fear
Chain Contingency Chain Lightning Chain Of Chaos Chain Of Eyes
Changestaff Change Self Chaos Hammer Charm Monster
Charm Person Charm Person Or Animal Chill Metal Chill Touch
Choke Circle Of Death Circle Of Doom Clairaudience-Clairvoyance
Clenched Fist Cloak Of Chaos Cloak Of The Sea Clone
Cloudkill Cloudwalkers Cold Orb Color Spray
Command Command Plants Command Undead Commune
Commune With Nature Comprehend Languages Cone Of Cold Confusion
Consecrate Contact Other Plane Contagion Contagious Touch
Contingency Continual Flame Control Plants Control Undead
Control Water Control Weather Control Winds Corpse Candle
Countermoon Create Food And Water Create Greater Undead Create Undead
Create Water Creeping Cold Creeping Doom Crown Of Glory
Crushing Hand Cure Critical Wounds Cure Light Wounds Cure Minor Wounds
Cure Moderate Wounds Cure Serious Wounds Curse Of Lycanthropy Curse Of The Brute
Curse Water


Dancing Lights Darkness Darkseed
Darkvision Dawn Daylight Daze
Daze Animal Deathwatch Death Knell Death Ward
Decomposition Deeper Darkness Delayed Blast Fireball Delay Poison
Demand Desecrate Destruction Detect Animals Or Plants
Detect Chaos Detect Evil Detect Favored Enemy Detect Good
Detect Law Detect Magic Detect Poison Detect Scrying
Detect Secret Doors Detect Snares And Pits Detect Thoughts Detect Undead
Dictum Dimensional Anchor Dimensional Lock Dimension Door
Diminish Plants Discern Lies Discern Location Disguise Undead
Disintegrate Disjunction Dismissal Dispelling Screen
Dispel Chaos Dispel Evil Dispel Good Dispel Law
Dispel Magic Displacement Disrupt Undead Divination
Divine Agility Divine Favor Divine Flame Divine Power
Divine Sacrifice Divine Storm Divine Zephyr Dominate Animal
Dominate Monster Dominate Person Doom Dream
Druid Grove


Eagles Splendor Earthquake Eldritch Missile
Electric Orb Elemental Swarm Embrace The Wild Emotion
Endure Elements Energy Buffer Energy Drain Energy Immunity
Enervation Enhance Familiar Enlarge Entangle
Enthrall Entropic Shield Epidemic Erase
Etherealness Ethereal Jaunt Expeditious Retreat Explosive Runes


Fabricate Faerie Fire Faithful Hound
False Bravado False Life False Vision Familiar Pocket
Fear Feathers Feather Fall Feeblemind
Feign Death Filter Find The Path Find Traps
Finger Of Death Fireball Fire Eyes Fire Orb
Fire Seeds Fire Shield Fire Storm Fire Trap
Flame Arrow Flame Blade Flame Of Faith Flame Strike
Flaming Sphere Flare Flesh To Stone Floating Disk
Fly Fog Cloud Forbiddance Forcecage
Forceful Hand Foresight Forest Fold Fortify Familiar
Foxs Cunning Freedom Freedom Of Movement Freezing Sphere


Gaseous Form Gate Gaze Screen
Geas-Quest Genesis Gentle Repose Ghostform
Ghost Sound Ghoul Touch Giant Vermin Glitterdust
Globe Of Invulnerability Glyph Of Warding Goodberry Grasping Hand
Grease Greater Call Lightning Greater Command Greater Creeping Cold
Greater Dispelling Greater Dispelling Screen Greater Glyph Of Warding Greater Magic Fang
Greater Magic Weapon Greater Planar Ally Greater Planar Binding Greater Restoration
Greater Scrying Greater Shadow Conjuration Greater Shadow Evocation Great Shout
Green Blockade Gtr Aspect Of The Deity Guards And Wards Guidance
Gust Of Wind


Hallow Hallucinatory Terrain Halt Undead
Hardening Harm Harrier Haste
Hawkeye Heal Healing Circle Heal Mount
Heat Metal Helping Hand Heroes' Feast Hideous Laughter
Hide Life Hold Animal Hold Monster Hold Person
Hold Portal Holy Aura Holy Smite Holy Sword
Holy Word Horrid Wilting Hypnotic Pattern Hypnotism


Ice Burst Ice Knife Ice Storm
Identify Illusory Script Illusory Wall Imbue Familiar With Spell Abi
Imbue With Spell Ability Implosion Imprisonment Improved Invisibility
Incendiary Cloud Indifference Inflict Critical Wounds Inflict Light Wounds
Inflict Minor Wounds Inflict Moderate Wounds Inflict Serious Wounds Insanity
Insect Plague Instant Summons Interposing Hand Invisibility
Invisibility Purge Invisibility Sphere Invisibility To Undead Invisiblity To Animals
Invulnerability To Elements Ironwood Iron Body Irresistable Dance




Keen Edge Kiss Of Death Knife Spray
Knock Know Direction


Languor Last Breath Legend Lore
Lesser Acid Orb Lesser Cold Orb Lesser Electric Orb Lesser Fire Orb
Lesser Geas Lesser Planar Ally Lesser Planar Binding Lesser Restoration
Lesser Sonic Orb Lesser Telepathic Bond Levitate Light
Lightning Bolt Limited Wish Liveoak Locate Creature
Locate Object Lookingglass Lssr Aspect Of The Deity Lucubration


Maddening Scream Mage Armor Mage Hand
Magic Aura Magic Circle Against Chaos Magic Circle Against Evil Magic Circle Against Good
Magic Circle Against Law Magic Fang Magic Jar Magic Missile
Magic Mouth Magic Stone Magic Vestment Magic Weapon
Magnificent Mansion Major Creation Major Image Make Whole
Mandragora Mark Of Justice Mass Awaken Mass Calm
Mass Charm Mass Darkvision Mass Fly Mass Haste
Mass Heal Mass Invisibility Mass Resist Elements Mass Suggestion
Mass Teleport Mass Trance Maze Meld Into Stone
Mending Message Meteor Swarm Miasma
Might Of The Oak Mind Blank Mind Fog Minor Creation
Minor Globe Invulnerability Minor Image Miracle Mirage Arcana
Mirror Image Misdirection Mislead Mnemonic Enhancer
Modify Memory Monstrous Thrall Mordenkainens Private Sanctum Mount
Mountebank Move Earth


Natures Avatar Natures Favor Negative Energy Burst
Negative Energy Protection Negative Energy Ray Negative Energy Wave Neutralize Poison
Nightmare Nondetection


Obscure Object Obscuring Mist Open-Close
Order's Wrath Otyugh Swarm Owls Wisdom


Passwall Pass Without Trace Permanency
Permanent Image Persistence Of The Waves Persistent Image Phantasmal Killer
Phantom Steed Phase Door Plague Of Rats Planar Ally
Planar Binding Plane Shift Plant Growth Poison
Polymorph Any Object Polymorph Other Polymorph Other (version 2) Polymorph Self
Polymorph Self (version 2) Postcognition Power Sight Power Word Blind
Power Word Kill Power Word Stun Prayer Prestidigitation
Prismatic Sphere Prismatic Spray Prismatic Wall Probe Thoughts
Produce Flame Programmed Image Project Image Protection From All Elements
Protection From Arrows Protection From Chaos Protection From Elements Protection From Evil
Protection From Good Protection From Law Protection From Spells Prying Eyes
Purify Food And Drink Pyrotechnics




Rage Rainbow Pattern Raise Dead
Random Action Ray Of Enfeeblement Ray Of Frost Read Magic
Rebirth Recitation Reduce Refuge
Regenerate Reincarnate Remove Blindness-Deafness Remove Curse
Remove Disease Remove Fear Remove Paralysis Repair Critical Damage
Repair Light Damage Repair Minor Damage Repair Moderate Damage Repair Serious Damage
Repel Metal Or Stone Repel Vermin Repel Wood Repulsion
Resilient Sphere Resistance Resist Elements Restoration
Resurrection Reverse Gravity Righteous Might Righteous Wrath
Righteous Wrath Of The Faithf Rope Trick Rusting Grasp


Sanctuary Sandblast Scare
Scarecrow Scourge Screen Scrying
Sculpt Sound Searing Light Secret Chest Secret Page
Secure Shelter Seeming See Invisibility Sending
Sepia Snake Sigil Sequester Shades Shadow Conjuration
Shadow Evocation Shadow Walk Shambler Shapechange
Shatter Shield Shield Of Faith Shield Of Law
Shield Other Shillelagh Shocking Grasp Shout
Shrink Item Signe's Illusory Conjuration Signe's Illusory Evocation Signe's Significant Othershif
Signe's Singular Teleport Signe's Spectral Scribe Signe's Speedy Step Silence
Silent Image Simulacrum Slay Living Sleep
Sleet Storm Slime Wave Slow Snare
Soften Earth And Stone Solid Fog Sonic Orb Soul Bind
Sound Burst Speak With Animals Speak With Anything Speak With Dead
Speak With Plants Spectral Hand Speed Of The Wind Spellstaff
Spell Immunity Spell Resistance Spell Turning Spider Climb
Spikes Spike Growth Spike Stones Spiritual Weapon
Spiritwall Standing Wave Statue Status
Stinking Cloud Stoneskin Stone Shape Stone Tell
Stone To Flesh Storm Of Vengeance Suggestion Summon Monster I
Summon Monster Ii Summon Monster Iii Summon Monster Iv Summon Monster Ix
Summon Monster V Summon Monster Vi Summon Monster Vii Summon Monster Viii
Summon Nature's Ally I Summon Nature's Ally Ii Summon Nature's Ally Iii Summon Nature's Ally Iv
Summon Nature's Ally Ix Summon Nature's Ally V Summon Nature's Ally Vi Summon Nature's Ally Vii
Summon Nature's Ally Viii Summon Swarm Sunbeam Sunburst
Surelife Sweet Water Sword Sword Stream
Symbol Of Death Symbol Of Fear Symbol Of Insanity Symbol Of Pain
Symbol Of Persuasion Symbol Of Sleep Symbol Of Stunning Sympathy


Telekinesis Telekinetic Sphere Telepathic Bond
Teleport Teleportation Circle Teleport Without Error Temporal Stasis
Thunderswarm Time Stop Tiny Hut Tongues
Touch Of Madness Transformation Transmute Metal To Wood Transmute Mud To Rock
Transmute Rock To Mud Transport Via Plants Trap Trap The Soul
Tree Shape Tree Stride True Creation True Domination
True Rebirth True Reincarnate True Resurrection True Seeing
True Strike


Unbinding Undeath To Death Undetectable Alignment
Undetectable Aura Unfailing Endurance Unhallow Unholy Aura
Unholy Blight Unite Allies Unseen Servant


Vampiric Touch Vanish Veil
Ventriloquism Virtue Vision


Wail Of The Banshee Wall Of Fire Wall Of Force
Wall Of Ice Wall Of Iron Wall Of Stone Wall Of Thorns
Warp Wood Waterball Water Breathing Water Walk
Weapon Of The Deity Weather Eye Web Whirlwind
Whispering Wind Wierd Wild Stealth Wind Walk
Wind Wall Wish Wood Shape Wood Wose
Word Of Chaos Word Of Recall




Zeal Zone Of Truth