Sejdens Broderskap

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The Sejdens Broderskap is is less of a Guild than it is a loose association of like-minded practitioners of the various forms of magic. This Guild is a relatively new incarnation within Vintermor, and has only materialized in the last twenty years. Its charter states that it was formed for the purpose of cataloging, researching, and preserving magical items, tomes, and knowledge.

In it's short history, it has done quite well for itself. Not only has it acquired members from the various legion Magisters to cross the borders, but it also boasts a large number of native Sturmgaard spellcasters. It employs all manner of individuals, from mere bodyguards, to witnesses, to exploring parties in its mission to create a storehouse of knowledge in Vintermor.


The Sejdens Broderskap was founded twenty years after the Taldaran's incorporated Sturmgaard into the Empire. It's founders, disturbed at the tendency of the Taldaran Magisters to be well organized and non-secular, as the native practitioners were, decided to organize themselves. Never before has an outpouring of the workers of the Craft of magic come about like the one orchaestrated by the founders of the Sejdens Broderskap. Many Wizards and Sorcerers came forward, most living in secret, or having unrecognized gifts, and legitimized their trade as one that would benefit Sturmgaard as a whole.

Before the Taldaran example was made, many citizens viewed magic as beneficial at times, but trusted little but priests to work it. Wizards were often strange minded and even weirder than priests were. And Dragonblood, a most unauspicious way to be in the average Sturmgaardians view, supposedly tainted sorcerers.


The Sejdens will take on individual apprentices as the whim takes them, but they do not have any organized training facilities per se. In this aspect, they have had little evolution from their days as lonely workers of magic hiding from overzealous paladins and priests.

Typically, there are two levels of membership. The average practitioner of magic in the guild holds the rank of Arkan. Each Arkan is allowed up to two Larjunge Arkans (Apprentices).

At any one time, there will be three Mastare Arkan in the Guild. These three are elected by the body of the Arkan every four years to oversee the guild and it's direction. So far, the seats have rotated among a body of the most powerful members of the guild. The seats are elected, but it's based on a person's ability to lobby themselves that determines if they get elected or not.

Also allowed in the guild are the Foljeslagare or helpers. These are persons holding half-status within the guild. They cannot vote, but are otherwise full standing guild members. They maintain the day-to-day operations of the guild, as well as providing any 'special' services the guild may need. Membership is open to anyone who would join, but they must adhere to the code of the Sejdens.

The Code of the Sejdens is very simple to remember: Don't get the guild in trouble with the authorities or other guilds. The more the Guild has to protect you from other people, the faster you'll find yourself out of the Guild.

Role of PCs

PC's are the Arkan, Larjunge Arkan, and Foljeslagare of the guild. Any wizard or sorcerer can join the guild upon reaching the level to cast third level spells. Otherwise, if their highest class is that of a spellcaster, they must petition an existing Arkan to apprentice them into the Organization. If they are not a spellcaster, or are multiclassed into another class that they have a higher level in, they can join as Foljeslagare.