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Unless your pc was directly involved in any of the listed plots or role play logs below, the information within them is completely OOC. You can not role play knowing something within these logs unless someone who was in them or an NPC tells you about them. If it is found out that you are using information from these logs in your role play and you were not in them you will be penalized for it.

One of the possible penalizations that will happen is the loss of XP on your pc. These logs are posted for entertainment purposes not for you to gain knowledge on other peoples characters out of character.

Plot Logs (prp's, one shots, tiny plots)

Sea Lion On The Dock Danger In The Snow Rats In The Granary Collecting Herbs
River Boat Trip Boat Full Of Barghests Renegade's Castle Tiefling Trouble
Kobolds At The Pit Trolls Attack Confusion In The Park Hobgoblins On The Rise
Hags In The Park Cliche Graveyard Pissed Mephits Ettins On The Bridge
Gnolls Checking Out The Rod When Frost Gnolls Attack Orcs At The Rod Clay Golem In The Woods
Clearing the Path Flying Tigers The Darkened Courts Gnomish Treasure Hunt
Draconomicon Pt1 The Ghost In The Library Basement Skulls in the Sewers A Blaze on Estwycke
Pick Pocket in the Kaup Varjo's Tunnels

Baron Buffalo Plot

Break In At The Library

Annual Spring Faire

Day 1 - Grand Opening Day 2 - Dagger Throwing Day 3 - The Wedding Day 4 - Going Hog Wild Day 5 - Arm Wrestlin' Day 6 - Archery Contest

The Kings Kidnapping

Shambling Mound
The Kings Kidnapping
Mysterious Mud Man
The Mud Men Cometh
Dire Wolves At Market
Shambling Around The Hart
Wolves and OwlBears In The Market
Blu'Shim's Info
Mephits In The Halfling Quarter
The Unholy Assault on the Kauppatori
The Kings Return

Menace At The Hotsprings

Menace at the Hotsprings Menace at the Hotsprings pt2 Menace at the Hotsprings pt3

RP Logs

In The Library With Mardaeus Execution of Eschatus Nikarns Trial Asking The Impossible Mission Impossible Bath House Opening

History and Tales

The Black Tower

Non-Rp/Non-Plot Logs (Classes)

Building Basics