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Factions FAQ

How do I join an IC group or faction?

Check the list of factions, under the Membership section, to see how to join a group.

What IC groups and factions exist on Winter's Edge?

A number of factions exist on Winter's Edge. A Theme-Base Faction is a faction or group which is staff-run and staff-controlled, while a PC-Created Faction is a faction or group made by PC action. The Membership entry will describe the contacts for the group, and also how to join. Some groups are 'hidden,' meaning membership must go through staff, while others are 'restricted,' meaning that the group is not seeking members, or is only seeking members they solicit.

How do I form a group or faction?

1. First, you must assess if the group is needed or possible. We don't need multiple groups of the exact same sort. For example, a rival Adventurer's Guild will not be approved. Adventuring companies are an exception, as we can have as many of those as needed. Define the nature and premise of the group, and what its purpose for existence might be. Define what sort of members you except to recruit.

2. If you have determined that the group is feasible, you must ICly recruit members and build the group. If you choose to build a group meeting-place or other facilities, these must go through the Building queue and be paid for as normal. A group must have at least three PC members to start.

3. Once you have your members, and your group has begun to evolve, use it in roleplay, and work within its confines. Choose a representative for the group. At this point, said representative should apply to the Faction queue for a new faction to be set up. A faction application should include the following:

Group name:


Membership: List current members, and how to join. Specify if the group is open to new members, or has a restricted membership (by vote of the current members, or something of that nature).

Current level range(s): Low, middle, or high.

Types of PCs sought: Describe the kinds of PCs you'd like to see join.

Once the group is set up with a bulletin board and a com channel, your members may use them to discuss plans.

4.Maintain a certain level of activity. If all of the PCs in a faction go idle for protracted times, the faction will be removed from formal support.

How do I join the Adventurer's Guild?

To join the Adventurer's Guild as an individual, simply +qmail Faction and ask to join. You must have the membership fee (25 gold) in your carried cash.

A group wishing to join the Adventurer's Guild should choose a single representative to handle the creation of the faction.

  • If the group has standing faction support (a bulletin board, comchannel, and faction storage), the representative should simply +qmail Faction and say that the members of this faction would like to join the AG as a group.
  • If the group does not yet have a formal group or faction set up, the representative must +qmail Faction with the following information. The representative must have the 100 gp fee in his carried money.
  • The name and purpose of the group or faction
  • The names of all members
  • The location of the group's headquarters, if they have one.

They should specify that the group wishes to be set up as a group, and as members of the AG.

Also refer to the detailed document about the Adventurer's Guild in the Factions and Groups sections for more.


Adventures Guild

Mithril Rose

The Mithril Rose is a Martial Order comprised of many classes, in the service of Kunnia and Kukka. Membership is attained by passing tests given by the Order's leadership.

The Open Hand

OOH or Order of the Opened Hand is a Martial Order of Paladins who worship Aurinko and Kunnia. Most of the Order is made up of Paladins, with a few Clerics. There is an Auxeliery which is made up of scouts and stuff, all have to worship one of the two gods. To become a Member of the Order you have to be a Paladin of Aurinko or Kunnia.

The Bardic Circle

The Unbound

The Unbound is a quasi-thieving guild built loosely around the idea of rebellion from the Empire. With Vintermor's successful departure from the Empire, their influence has waned.

The Twilight Guild

The Mimmisbrunnir

The Mimmisbrunnir is the magical college and academy of Vintermor, established and sponsored by the crown.

People Around Town

Non Playing characters

Playing Characters

Anything read in these links that happened before coming to Vintermor should not be used in rp unless that pc has said something about it in a rp scene.