Orcs At The Rod

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June 22nd, 2007

Players: Greymalkin, Siriel, Vashbav, Rannar, Alkbiadiz, Nikki

A thundering Boom breaks the relative silence of the night, the sky over the pit seems to be covered in rolling black clouds. Shortly after the screams start as people run in terror from Witch Hill road, some babbling about death arriving on swift wings, others screaming about cloaked men killing any they come across.

The general air here is that of dilapidation. The smell of smoke coming from poorly managed chimneys greets the nose as one wanders the area. No plants, shrubs, or trees grace the area, offering no chance of solace. The houses look as if they're functional, but little more effort was put in. There is no paint to be seen that isn't peeling and flaking off at the breeze. The ground itself slopes dramatically as one approaches the rough hewn rock trail heading NortEasterly to Nettle Turn. The houses, for lack of money, mostly just tilt with the hill, only a few of the larger ones build with a foundation sufficient to keep it level.

You have arrived on Witch Hill road just outside the Rod Radisa, meeting you there is a group of six cloaked men all bearing great axes. The axe in the hands of the biggest of the men still drips blood from the corpse laying in the dirt before him. On your arrival the men look up and the hood falls off the head of one of them, it is at this time you see that it is not men but Orcs standing in front of you seem experianced in the ways of death, and by the looks of things this group will be a much more difficult battle then you would expect from the average Orc.

Alkbiadiz comes rushing up with the remainder of the throng, having had a moment to pick up his glaive from his room. A good thing he was having dinner. He comes skidding to a halt at the back of the group. "I really should invest in armor," is muttered beneath his breath.

Vashbav blinks at the sight before her and staying back she starts to mutter a spell upon herself. "Brothers abound with strength of sword and bow, Make make grow so I might defend the home I have come to know." she chants out in a guttural tongue. She appears to be speaking in Orc

Having been just in the park with Grey when she heard the scream, Siriel comes out to find out whats causing all the racket. Bow in hand as she comes to a stop upon seeing the Orc.

Greymalkin arrives on the run with Siriel, bow in hand as well, arrow nocked on the run, he immediately lifts the bow and without hesitation prepares to loose an arrow at the orc, his mouth turned down in a moue of disgust, tattoos and scars standing out livid against his skin.

Nikki travels along the road, exploring the city. She makes a wrong turn and bites her lower lip as she sees the Orcs. She starts to mutter under her breath, shaking her head. Her grip tightening on the short spear she is using as a walking stick.

The male Elaidar looses the arrow on the run as he moves towards the orcs, but it flies wild, shattering some unfortunate's window. A growled curse is heard from the scarred and tattooed elf, his voice a surprising graveled basso sound that is jagging and painful to the ear.

With the launching of the arrow by the Elf the Orcs go into action with only the leader standing still. The first Orc to swings at Alkbiadiz who at the same moment swings out with his glaive knocking the legs out from under the Orc. Two of the Orcs target Siriel one of which misses but the other gets through her armour causing her to bleed. There is another Orc attacking Greymalkin, his swings were not effective enough to harm the Elven man. Lastly is a fifth Orc who causes blood to spray as his Axe slashes across Nikki.

Despite being caught off guard, Alkbiadiz has the reflexes of either a combat veteran or born coward. As the great hulking ork bears down upon him, the athletic wizard ducks low, spinning with the pole of his glaive. Down goes the orc! And Alkbiadiz very promptly gives it a good gashing along the leg for good measure. He promptly takes advantage to run back away and hide behind the man with the bow.

Vashbav moves quickly towards Alkbiadiz side, She points to the Leader, "Kill him. The rest will lose moral." she commands. Her sword is already out, and the tripped orc gets no mercy from the half orc as she swings it down sharply attempting to coup de grace him, it doesn't work to her liking, as he can't be coup de graced! but still,

Siriel pulls two arrows out of her quiver as she steps away from the two orcs attacking her and whispers something to her bow in elven, she releases two arrows one right after the other, the first completely missing the orc to the left, the second however catches the other orc right in the shoulder and he screams as the arrow burns his flesh, making it a bit stinkier.

Rannar is walking towards the White Hart, minding his own business. However, some loud noises catch his attention as he nears the Witch Hill road. He inches closer, and peeks around the corner. When he sees some of his friends fighting, he moves in to try to help them fight the orcs, but he doesn't say a word as to give himself away.

Greymalkin draws another arrow and, point blank, is able to miss the orc standing right in front of him. Maybe this Elaidar is a bit of an idiot? Perhaps the fact that the orc's axe slams him enough to bruise but doesn't actually draw blood threw him off. Either way, he's drawn his sword after missing two beautiful shots and is apparently preparing to go toe to toe with the hideous beast. He roars out a battle cry into the face of the stinking creature.

The Orc on the ground swings out a Vash as he stands causing her to move slightly in order to allow him to get up without being hit. The leader moves into the fray attacking the fighter that just arrived leaving a bloody trail along Rannar's armour. One of the Orcs that attacked Siriel hits her again but his swing puts him in the way of the other orc who missed due to this. The other Orcs can't seem to hit and are getting angry it the fact.

Nikki hears Vashbav's words and quickly speaks a few words and fires a magic missile at the orc leader a split second before another orc's axe slams into her, knocking her back and onto the ground. She lays there, unmoving.

Alkbiadiz takes a moment to prepare for battle, bravely using Greymalkin for a meat shield. He begins casting a spell, taking his hand off his glaive for a moment. And there is a shimmering as magical armor enfolds the mage to protect him from harm. With that done, he returns both hands to his glaive and prepares for battle to commence so he can kill, kill, kil.

Vashbav growls and raises her sword again, This one brings a deathly blow with a spray of blood as Vash severs the orc's head from its body. She doesn't move to attack others though, at the end of the six seconds that this takes place in, she is lowering herself to pick up the head, and a spell caster's leg.

Rannar gets hit by a surprise attack as he runs up in an attempt to strike first. He quickly gets his footing, and dodges what ever swings, getting inside and slashing quickly, but he is fighting someone just as good as this orc steps out of the way of his second slash.

Greymalkin swings his longsword at the orc in front of him, barely scratching the beast. Grey looks confused as if he's not fighting at all like he's used to.

Siriel takes another step back away from the advancing Orcs, pulling two of her special arrows out of her quiver, she nocks them one right after the other. The first flies at the one she missed last time. The arrow flies straight and true right through the neck of the Orc, she watches as his eyes roll back and he slumps down. The other she pulls back and takes a deep breath letting it out slowly as she lets the arrow fly and it hits the Orc in the under arm just as he raises his arms above his head to swing at her, he also slumps forward.

The leader swings again at Rannar digging his blade deep into Rannar at the same time as the Orc fighting Nikki moves and swings at the poor fighter leaving him barely standing, Rannar does however get a solid hit on the new oncoming Orc causing it to bleed. The last remaining Orc swings again at Greymalkin but it misses again.

Alkbiadiz, now that he is armored, seems willing to move to engage the last remaining orc. He sprints behind the orc leader. And, just opposite of Rannar, he gives us a whirling series of slashes that open up big nasty lines on the orc's back. Yet no death or taxes.

Vashbav growls and picks up both Nikki and the head. Holding it out from her body she growls out, "YOU want this to be you..." she shouts out, "If SO Keep fighting. IF not..RUN..." The half orc orders out to the masses, tusks bared.

Greymalkin swings again at the orc near him but manages to spectacularly miss yet again. It's a wonder this elf hasn't slaughtered himself with his own blade this night.

Alkbiadiz follows up the attack on the leader by whirling about to lash into a fleeing orc with his glaive, giving it a nice long gash across its backside to remember this nights work. "You will not escape!"

Out of the corner of her eye Siriel sees an Orc going after Grey, she quickly draws back on her bow and makes a clean shot right through the orcs shoulder.

Rannar rushes towards the leader, his feet moving swiftly, despite his heavily injured state. The leader takes a huge swing at Rannar, but Rannar dives down at the exact right time, and rolls right under between the leader's legs, and gets up quickly enough to move in and take a slash at one of the orcs attacking the retreating women, "Why don't you fight something more challenging than a dying woman!?"

Siriel notices that the leader stayed as the rest of the Orcs fled, she clenches her jaw a bit as she pulls out another two arrows, drawing back the first one and it pierces right through his orcish skull, her second arrow is released too soon for her to realize he was dead with the first one, and it flies over his head as he collapses to the ground. She whispers to her bow in elven and slings it back over her shoulder as she looks to see if anyone needs any help.

The Leader of the band of Orcs is dead the two remaining Orcs are running towards the pit in fear of Vash as they reach 60 feet away there is a shimmer in the air in front of them suddenly there is a large humanoid form with giant bat wings spread in front of the poor Orcs. There is a flash of light as a Flaming sword swings and in the next moment the Demon is gone the only things remaining to show it was really there are the Orcish heads rolling back down the hill.

Vashbav drops the head and puts her sword away before pulling out a wand. Whapping Nikki on the but with it she states out, "This is for casting a spell in Melee." she states to the uncounscious woman.

Alkbiadiz is just about to start running after the orcs when the demon appears. He skids to a halt. And heads come rolling back down. He says, "I told you that you would die tonight. And Alkbiadiz, son of Eurykidon lies not by night."

Greymalkin sheathes his sword and grabbing up his bow moves away from the scene of the battle a bit, hunkering down he watches the others for a moment.

Rannar was about to stab the orc he was attacking in the heart, but after the flash, his sword thrusts through the cold air of the night. Rannar is startled for this moment, as he is afraid of accidently stabbing someone other than the orc. As he recovers from this shock, he looks around and comes ot realize that all of the orcs are dead.

Nikki's wounds start to close, the bleeding becoming less as the magic from the wand. Her eyes are still closed, but she seems to be a little better.

Siriel notices Grey move away and walks over to him "What is it my love?" she asks quietly.

Vashbav moves to put Nikki down slowly. She reaches out to whap the woman on the head of her wand as she starts to toe through one of the orcs.

Greymalkin shakes his head to Siriel and says, "I was unable to do much of anything to help within that battle."

Nikki's eyes open after the second knock. She lets out a soft moan as she reaches for where wound is/was. She blinks a few times as she lays there for a few moments before she tries to sit up, wincing with the pain.

Alkbiadiz moves back towards the group, finding a dead orc slain by Siriel to clean off his glaive with. He wipes at a speck of blood. "Is anyone dead that should not be?"

Siriel squats down next to Grey "Love" she says quietly, not wanting to address what she has to say here after looking around for a moment.

Rannar studies the dead orcs for a moment before moving over to Vashbav, to see who was wounded. Once he does, he says aloud, "That's Nikki! What happened to her?"

Greymalkin shrugs and waves a hand to dismiss it, though it's obvious that he seems troubled by his seeming inability to contribute.

Vashbav looks at Rannar and shrugs, "She got hit.." she states and points Rannar to where the Orc's went. "Hey look at that..." she states to the bleeding warrior.

Siriel sighs lightly "I wish you wouldn't feel so" she says as she stands, feeling as if she had just been dismissed by the wave.

Rannar looks over his shoulder to where Vashbav is pointing, "Look at what?" He wonders.

Alkbiadiz looks at the others. He looks at the dead orcs. He looks at Nikki being cared for. He begins to search the bodies, starting with the leader.

Vashbav reaches out and whaps Rannar on the head with the wand. "Oh maybe its nothing. Oh look there it is again." she asks and beams at Rannar.

Greymalkin shakes his head as he looks up at Siriel with a smile, "It's just troubling is all. I thought I was better than I apparently am." he winks at her and pats her leg.

Rannar gahs, "What is it? Did you find a new sword on the corpses or something?"

Vashbav shakes her head. "No..How you feeling though?" she asks and looks him over a bit.

Nikki reaches down for another of her potions, swallowing the contents. She looks around before she raises an eyebrow, trying to get a survey of the battle field.

Rannar looks down at himself, "Better, but I was so into the fight I forgot I was even hurt."

Siriel nods to Greymalkin but says nothing as she starts to walk away, as she walks past a dead orc she notices a small pouch sticking out from under it, she tosses it on the ground "Go ahead and split it, I'm going home" she says to the group.

Vashbav shrugs and reaches out to hit Rannar again with he wand. "Hold still." she states.

Greymalkin stands and follows Siriel, ignoring the pouch and the search for treasure. Instead he moves up beside her and takes her hand in his.

Siriel slips a wand out of her pack and uses on herself as she walks down the street, feeling Grey's hand slip into hers as they walk away.

Vashbav looks at Nikki and hits her with the wand again for good measure.

Rannar watches Vashbav heal Nikki, "Are you sure you aren't hurting her from hitting her with that?"

Alkbiadiz moves towards the others, "Well, that was invigorating. And Nikki is not dead. Good, she owes me money."

Nikki rubs her forehead and smirks. "I don't owe you money. I paid you already." She says as she looks to Alkbiadiz.

Rannar takes some gold pieces from one of the corpses, "It looks like this orc should have fought me while drunk."

Vashbav blinks at Rannar and raises an eyebrow. "Eh?" she offers and shrugs. "I am going to head back to the college." she scoops up her gold.

Rannar responds, "Long story."

Alkbiadiz says, "She is fine if she can remember money matters and affairs of the Hart."

Nikki picks herself up off the ground as soon as she feels well enough, looking around. She walks over to her short spear as soon as she sees it and picks it up.

Rannar looks to Nikki, "So uh... Want to have a drink or something?"

Alkbiadiz moves to stand a bit back from Nikki and Rannar, leaning upon his glaive.