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In The Wilds



Stonesong Sanctuary

In The City

Tuli's Creations

A large fireplace is the focal point of this room with its beautifully carved dark wood mantle baring Tuli's symbol of interlocking circles. Just above it is a vibrantly painted phoenix rising from the ashes with wings aflame, also representative of the goddess. Everything within is lit by golden fire light and candles upon the hearth and tables. The hewn stone floors are adorned by a few plush fur rugs or other carpeting, and in general the rooms are warm and welcoming. The aroma of spiced cider, books, bubbling potions, and freshly baked sweets fills the air. A table beside the fireplace always holds some sort of sweet bread or rolls for visitors as well as a variety of things to drink.

Dark wood bookshelves fill this room from floor to ceiling, lining the walls and filling the air with their rich scent. The center of the room is open and inviting with comfortable overstuffed wing backed chairs and a matching sofa. All of which sit in a semi-circle facing the large fireplace. Some of the chairs are large, some are small, and they look a bit worn, as if they were bought second-hand, but this does not detract from their comfort. End tables of appropriate size sit beside the chairs, where one can set a stack of books selected from the shelves. The room is a little musty with the heady scent of the books, but then most libraries are. Motes dance in the shafts of sunlight cast through the wrought iron and glassed windows, illuminating the circle of arm chairs.

A catalog with beautifully hand drawn illustrations and descriptions of potions, arms and armor rests on the large wooden table just in front of the couch. Prices and times required for enchanting are also listed for those interested in having such things done. Some ready made potions sit on one of the bookshelves for those who have a more immediate need. The back wall opens up to reveal a laboratory where the faint scent of brewing potions and the like can be detected. While another recessed room along that same wall appears to be a healing area. A single door on the far south wall opens to what looks like the owner's bedroom and a door along the north wall leads to the kitchen.


Cora is a plump little halfling woman with dark hair that is graying at the temples. She is matronly looking and smiles often at the customers. Her hair is always worn up in a bun atop her head in the style of an old school marm. She usually wears a blue dress with a white apron over it and is often seen dusting the shelves or helping tend to Sari. Her cheerful disposition and rosy cheeks often put people at ease.

Please note that you must be invited by the shop owner to place any items for sale here at a commission rate

 1  Potion Of Spider Climb                        Amt:   1  Price:     50 gold 
 2  Bracers Of Archery                            Amt:   1  Price:   5100 gold 
 3  Boots Of Elvenkind                            Amt:   1  Price:   2000 gold 
 4  Potion Of Cure Moderate Wounds                Amt:   1  Price:    300 gold 
 5  Potion Of Cure Serious Wounds                 Amt:   1  Price:    750 gold 
 6  Potion Of Cure Light Wounds                   Amt:   1  Price:     50 gold 
 7  Potion Of Bull's Strength                     Amt:   1  Price:    300 gold 
 8  Potion Of Love                                Amt:   1  Price:    200 gold 
 9  Cloak Of Elvenkind                            Amt:   1  Price:   2000 gold 
10  Slippers Of Spider Climbing                   Amt:   1  Price:   2000 gold 
11  Cloak Of Resistance +1                        Amt:   1  Price:   1000 gold 
12  Potion Of Love                                Amt:   1  Price:    200 gold

Vinternacht Investigations

The Front Office of Vinternacht Investigations is brightly lit and terribly spartan, and also rather small -- the room only being ten feet deep by twenty feet wide. The front door is made of iron-reinforced oak, while the door leading further into the office seems a rather weaker example. The walls are whitewashed stone, with enclosed sconces that shed a surprisingly bright amount of light over the the room. No pictures or book-cases line the walls, leaving them bare as exposed bone. The floor is covered by an oval Burgundy rug, which covers the floor of highly polished gray stone. A single oak desk sits in the middle of the room, with a matching chair behind it. A pair of bare wooden chairs have been set in front of the desk for visitors.

Most times, Bannimor the Book sits behind the desk. He is an unassuming young half-elf with spectacles, who sits at the desk and receives messages for the office while organizing notes, and scheduling interviews and meetings.

The Kauppatori

An assault on the senses. Fine scents, bright vibrant colors, and loud ruckus make this place jump with activity. Only the finest merchandise is set up here. Tailors, smiths, bakers, and grocers line the various roads, beckoning wealthy patrons to come and partake of their services. Well-tended carts painted with the symbols of merchant Knots known about the kingdom in vibrant colors are used as more temporary shop-fronts wherever there is space, offering everything from spices to silks, candles to carvings, tapestries to treasure maps.

By night, the Kauppatori is calmer, less thickly populated. The night is the time when the more questionable sorts of business happen - gaming-tents with admission fees and eccentric collections of items offered in whispers from the backs of merchant-carts can be seen at this time. Some of the fortune-tellers remain, as well, but one can bet on charlatanry over skill, by night. Priests of Kauppias can usually be seen here, wandering about, observing, offering blessings on trade for small tithes to the faith.

In the cold months, which describes most of Vintermor's year, there are chiminias and controlled fires everywhere, keeping merchants and customers alike warm. The carts have heavy oilcloths layered inside to keep off the biting wind. A cold wind blows from the west, driving charcoal clouds before it and blotting out the stars in isolated patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere the stars shine brightly.

Hargrim The Arranger (Trader) is a wizened old human man, sitting in his stall with a number of boxes behind him: items being sold on commission.

Jurgen The Moneychanger is a greedy little money changer. He's here to swap out your useless gold for valuable copper.

Tools Of The Trade

This well-appointed shop welcomes customers from the moment they step inside. A large, long room with many display cases, shelves, and racks to show off gear give a clue to its function: to cater to the well-equipped adventurer or mercenary. If you can imagine needing it in the pursuit of fighting monsters and dungeon-delving, it appears here. Everything from a locked glassed-in case of scrolls and potions, to toolkits of many sorts and alchemical preparations. Many garments inside a long standing wardrobe offer robes and vestments for arcanists and clergy, as well as warm knit full clothes to prevent against the weather, heavily insulated cloaks, and other garb for wandering souls.

A wide hearth along one wall is surrounded by a few comfortable chairs and a small table, for patrons who are waiting to be tended. The shop is staffed by a few helpful young lads and lasses, with its owner, a middle-aged human merchant, usually tending to customers at the back counter.

Along the wall are exquisite displays of finely crafted arms and armor, with placards noting that many were made in the Delve nearby. Within the display case rest master-works, crafted by the master smiths with all their creative genius.


Sigrid, the salesgirl is a young, corn-fed and buxom blond woman in her early adult years. She is dressed in well-kept but comfortable garb in greens, browns, and white, always smiling and cheerful, moving with surprising grace as she fills orders.

                 ________>Item<_____________>Cost (In cp.)<_                 
                |Masterwork Arrow         |        630      |                 
                |Masterwork Bolt          |        630      |                 
                |Masterwork Sling Bullet  |        630      |                 
                |+1 Arrow                 |       4230      |                 
                |+2 Arrow                 |      15030      |                 
                |+3 Arrow                 |      33030      |                 
                |+4 Arrow                 |      58230      |                 
                |+5 Arrow                 |      90630      |                 
                |+1 Bolt                  |       4230      |                 
                |+2 Bolt                  |      15030      |                 
                |+3 Bolt                  |      33030      |                 
                |+4 Bolt                  |      58230      |                 
                |+5 Bolt                  |      90630      |                 
                |+1 Sling Bullet          |       4230      |                 
                |+2 Sling Bullet          |      15030      |                 
                |+3 Sling Bullet          |      33030      |                 
                |+4 Sling Bullet          |      58230      |                 
                |+5 Sling Bullet          |      90630      |                
        ___________>Item<____________________________>Cost (In CP)<_         
       |Potion of Aid                              |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Alter Self                       |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Bull's Strength                  |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Cat's Grace                      |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Charisma                         |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Cure Light Wounds                |       4500     |         
       |Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds             |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Cure Serious Wounds              |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Darkvision                       |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Delay Poison                     |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Endurance                        |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Fly                              |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Gaseous Form                     |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Glibness                         |      45000     |         
       |Potion of Haste                            |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Heroism                          |      81000     |         
       |Potion of Hiding                           |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Intelligence                     |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Invisibility                     |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Lesser Restoration               |      27000     |         
       |Potion of Mage Armor                       |       4500     |         
       |Potion of Negative Energy Protection       |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Neutralize Poison                |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Protection From Elements <Acid>  |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Protection From Elements <Cold>  |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Protection From Elements <Elec.> |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Protection From Elements <Fire>  |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Protection From Elements <Sonic> |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Sneaking                         |       4500     |         
       |Potion of Water Breathing                  |      67500     |         
       |Potion of Wisdom                           |      27000     |        
    ___>Weapon<_______>Damage<___>Crit Rng<__>Rng Inc<___>Cost(cp)<_     
   |Small             |         |           |           |           |    
   |Hand Axe          |   1d6   |   20/x3   |     -     |     570   |     
   |Sap               |  1d6S   |   20/x2   |     -     |      95   |     
   |Shortsword        |   1d6   | 19-20/x2  |     -     |     950   |    
   |                  |         |           |           |           |     
   |Medium            |         |           |           |           |    
   |Composite Shortbow|   1d6   |   20/x3   |   70 ft.  |    7125   |     
   |Longsword         |   1d8   | 19-20/x2  |     -     |    1425   |     
   |Rapier            |   1d6   | 18-20/x2  |     -     |    1900   |     
   |Shortbow          |   1d6   |   20/x3   |   60 ft.  |    2850   |     
   |Warhammer         |   1d8   |   20/x3   |     -     |    1140   |    
   |                  |         |           |           |           |     
   |Large             |         |           |           |           |    
   |Composite Longbow |   1d8   |   20/x3   |  110 ft.  |    9500   |     
   |Greatsword        |   2d6   | 19-20/x2  |     -     |    4750   |     
   |Longbow           |   1d8   |   20/x3   |  100 ft.  |    7125   |    
                   For Masterwork items, add 28500 copper. 
                                Class Tools
                 ________>Item<_____________>Cost (In cp.)<_                 
                |Mw Alchemist's Kit       |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Armorer's Tools       |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Basketweaver's Tools  |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Bookbinder's Tools    |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Bowyer's Tools        |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Blacksmith's Tools    |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Calligrapher's Tools  |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Carpenter's Tools     |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Cartographer's Tools  |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Cobbler's Tools       |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Gemcutter's Tools     |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Leatherworker's Tools |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Locksmith's Tools     |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Painter's Tools       |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Potter's Tools        |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Sculptor's Tools      |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Shipwright's Tools    |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Stonemason's Tools    |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Trapper's Tools       |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Weaponsmith's Tools   |       4950      |                 
                |Mw Thief's Tools         |       9000      |                 
                |Mw Musical Instrument    |       9000      |                 
                |Climber's Kit            |       7200      |                 
                |Disguise Kit             |       4500      |                 
                |Healer's Kit             |       4500      |                 
                |Mw Tattooist's Tools     |       4950      |                
  __>Armor Type<__________>AC<___>Max Dex<__>ACP<__>Sp.Fail<__>Cost<__   
 |Light Armors:        |        |          |      |          |        |  
 |Mithril Breastplate  |   +5   |     5    |  -1  |    15%   | 399000 |   
 |Mithril Chain        |   +5   |     4    |  -2  |    20%   | 389500 |   
 |Mithril Shirt        |   +4   |     6    |   0  |    10%   | 104500 |   
 |Mithril Studded      |   +3   |     7    |   0  |    5%    |  97375 |  
 |                     |        |          |      |          |        |    
 |Medium Armors:       |        |          |      |          |        |  
 |Mithril Full Plate   |   +8   |     3    |  -4  |    25%   | 997500 |  
 |                     |        |          |      |          |        |    
                  For Masterwork items, add 14250 copper. 
    ___>Weapon<_______>Damage<___>Crit Rng<__>Rng Inc<___>Cost(cp)<_     
   |Tiny            |           |           |           |           |    
   |Acid            |    1d6    |   20/-    |   10 ft.  |     900   |     
   |Alchemist's Fire|  Special  |   20/x2   |   10 ft.  |    1800   |     
   |Holy Water      |    2d4    |   20/-    |   10 ft.  |    2250   |     
   |Tanglefoot Bag  |  Special  |   20/-    |   10 ft.  |    4500   |     
   |Thunderstone    |  Special  |   20/-    |   20 ft.  |    2700   |    
   |                |           |           |           |           |       
    ___>Weapon<_______>Damage<___>Crit Rng<__>Rng Inc<___>Cost(cp)<_     
   |Tiny            |           |           |           |           |    
   |Dagger          |    1d4    | 19-20/x2  |   10 ft.  |     190   |    
   |                |           |           |           |           |     
   |Small           |           |           |           |           |    
   |Light Mace      |    1d6    |   20/x2   |     -     |     475   |     
   |Light Crossbow  |    1d8    | 19-20/x2  |   80 ft.  |    3325   |    
   |                |           |           |           |           |     
   |Medium          |           |           |           |           |    
   |Heavy Mace      |    1d8    |   20/x2   |     -     |    1140   |     
   |Heavy Crossbow  |   1d10    | 19-20/x2  |  120 ft.  |    4750   |    
   |                |           |           |           |           |     
   |Large           |           |           |           |           |    
   |Quarterstaff    |  1d6/1d6  |   20/x2   |     -     |       0   |    
   |                |           |           |           |           |    
                   For Masterwork items, add 28500 copper. 

Vintermor Toys

As you step inside, you find yourself at one end of a room about 20 feet deep and around 20 feet wide. The stone floor of the shop is smooth, and colorful rugs are scattered around the floor. The stone walls are lined with wooden shelves, which conceal most of the stone walls.

To your left the walls are lined with shelves containing a variety of wooden toys and models, as well as carvings of a variety of animals, from simple farmyard beasts, to magical beasts which are almost mythological. Piles of wooden building bricks are stacked at the bottom of the shelves, and wooden hoops are propped up in a special rack, which sits alongside the shelves.

To your right the shelves have various other toys, however most of these are softer in nature. Teddy bears and rag dolls sit alongside stuffed animals of every shape, from fish, to pegasi and unicorns.

The room continues to a counter at the back, which has a small padded bench behind it, for Staff members to sit on, when the shop is not busy. Behind the counter, the wall is again lined with wooden shelving, marred by the two ironbound doors, which lead off to other rooms, and the wide fireplace, which rests in the center of the wall. These shelves are filled with more expensive items: Glass marbles with a twist of color running through them. Fragile dolls with painted ceramic faces sit alongside carved wooden carts, which are accurate copies of the larger ones which are used for transporting goods all over the world. More mysterious items fill the other shelves. Boxes of different colors sit alongside ornately carved marionettes and puppets.

Heat and lighting are provided by a fireplace behind the counter and torches dotted around the room.

Half Baked Cafe

You enter a small shop with even smaller windows which peer onto the Kauppatori myopically through steamed glass. Within the cramped shop shelves are lined with breads and pastries still steaming in the warm air, filling the shop with the delightful scent of baked goods. Towards the rear of the room two large brick ovens within which a dancing flame roars merrily behind the latest in the parade of baked delights. Three tables with four chairs a piece are present as well, where patrons might sit and enjoy breakfast and tea or a lunch of meat pie.

Rushing between her baked goods and tempted customers is a somewhat harried woman. She serves patrons with a winning smile, and her round face and body are reminiscent of the pies she helps to bake. More than a few of the customers address her as Elissa, and between rush hours she's easily drawn into the gossip of the town. A select few are allowed to move past the counter and past the ovens into the back.

The Lyceum

The front room of the Lyceum is a typical storefront - a careful mixture of wares and customer comforts to make people feel at home.

As you step inside, you find yourself at one end of a room about 40 foot deep but only 30 wide. To your left the walls are lined with shelves containing jars of poisons and antitoxins of varying efficacies, wax-lined ceramic jars helpfully marked "Acid - do not drink" are in evidence, along with bundles of tindertwigs and sunrods for sale - all the mundane day-to-day business of an alchemist.

To your right the shelves have various other alchemical ingredients and spell components on display, as well as some books, spare scrolls and so on. Beneath the shelves there are also some chests with various odds and ends that either don't fit too well on shelves or which can presumably be neatly closed and locked after hours. The contents of the shelves and the chests below them are conveniently marked with the general subject or contents of that section, and it appears that the Lyceum boasts a quite general and wide-spread selection of texts, from maps to medical texts, herbology to handicrafts. The right hand wall also sports a fireplace with some chairs arranged before it.

More chairs are placed a little to each side of the door, and most commonly people in those chairs are reading books loaned from the library, the bulk of which can be seen through an archway to the right. The main room continues to a counter at the back which has a bench behind it that in most cases when a Staff member is on duty will be where they are sat. In the back left corner there is a trapdoor in the ceiling, with a space-saving vertical wooden Lab for the occupants to ascend should they desire. Also in the back wall is an iron door that is usually closed and locked that has a prominent sign on it: "Alchemists Only". Lighting is provided by the fireplace and three shiny-silver lanterns that a patient observer will notice never get refilled, and that an astute observer will notice never waver, flicker, or give off heat.

White Hart Tavern

During the day time, the common room is fairly empty of patrons. Aron and his wife can be seen doing several tasks around the inn while still serving their patrons with efficiency. The old oak bar gleams mellowly in the light coming through the front windows, and what patrons there are in the Inn talk in subdued voices. The door on the right stands open and the dragon's head mounted in the sitting room wall seems to stare blankly out at the common room. A small plaque is just visible underneath the dragon's head.Outside, fair weather clouds glow pink in the southeast, catching the rays of the rising sun while the earth remains in shadow. A cold wind blows from the west. You can see your breath misting in the cold air..

The sitting room is a cozy, warm corner of the White Hart Inn. The tables and chairs here, especially the chairs, were obviously chosen for comfort instead of fashion. Their threadbare seats and scarred arms showing the use of hundreds of patrons. A roaring flame in the hearth underneath the dragon's head keeps it warm in here, a pleasant change from chill weather and the perpetually cool common room. People can be seen here at all times of day or night, talking, relaxing, and playing cards.

This room is little more than a small square box. There are several crates of dry goods stacked here and there, along with casks of wine and kegs of ale, foodstuffs, and spare lumber scattered about. There is an odd, dank smell to the basement, making it unpleasant to be here for long periods of time.

Silvertine Inn

The main room of the Silvertine supports a long low bar at the back wall, which wraps around the L of the room. Up front there are several tables of varying sizes open for the patrons. Past the bar and into the L of the room, a semi-private area is set up with only two tables in that section, both fairly large. The tables look as if they are made of mahogany, as does the bar. The flooring of this room is scattered with fresh sawdust to help absorb any spills, and is kept fresh by the staff.

The new barkeep, Andrew, is a tall and lean man who will never win awards for conversation, but can put together a plate of food and grog like he was affected by a permanent /haste/ spell. Above the back bar, in lieu of a mirror, is a large tapestry of superlative quality depicting a brass dragon curled up between trails of wind and fire, an obvious depiction of Lognare, Frihet and Tuli. Since Burgal's untimely death, Andrew has replaced the whiskies which used to line the back bar with all manner of locally-produced beers.

A large fireplace in the far corner of the room shares the wall with murals of ocean life and travel, not some cheap painting this, but true talent went into this work. The ships on the wall seem to sway on azure plaster swells, and the sharks beneath the waves look to hungrily eye its plankboard prey. In the opposite corner from the fireplace, a stairwell goes up to the second story of the tavern.

At night, the tavern is a warm place of light and friendship, with a fire crackling merrily and low-voiced conversation very much in evidence.

The Bloody Dryad

The Bloody Dryad is known as being the most dangerous dive in a city well-known for its dangerous dives. Looking around the Bloody Dryad, one can almost read the place's history in things which are no longer there. In days past, there used to be large windows looking out onto the street; but it was too expensive to keep replacing them after people got thrown through them, so the windowpanes have been bricked over instead. Bloodstains on the bricks show that while getting thrown through the window is a thing of the past, getting thrown into the "window" is still very much in the present. Likewise, there are no tables in the center of the room; why put tables in the places where the most brawls happen? What few tables there are stand along the walls, and come in two basic varieties: the stone tables which look as if they could survive seismic activity, and heavy wooden ones which look sturdy as redwoods. Both varieties appear rickety and long-abused, though, testament to the rough treatment they receive here. The bar is nothing more than a few two-by-fours with wood planking put down--easy to repair if broken. Behind the bar, a massive wooden frame is the only evidence that a mirror once sat there. Now, it frames only a wall of naked brick.

The name "Bloody Dryad" comes from a particularly grotesque art scattered throughout the tavern. The support beams, each a good three feet wide, have been carved to look like tree-trunks; and each tree-trunk has further been carved to give the appearance of a dryad, crucified on her own tree. The nails in her wrists and feet are quite real, and protrude enough that the Bloody Dryad's patrons use the dryads as coat racks.

The Public Library

This room is cozy. Large enough to comfortably accommodate several dozen people, it features a grated fireplace directly across from the front door, the flames stoked from a back room so as not to present a fire hazard. From the domed ceiling hangs a chandelier, 'candles' ensorcelled by continual light spells giving the effect of lighting the entire room while not running the risk that mundane torches provide, that of setting something in this parchment repository aflame. Plus they don't require as much upkeep. The ground is carpeted by soft rugs, patterned with common weaves of distinctive Melorian origin.

A plethora of mismatched bookcases are arranged about the room, along the well-plastered walls, each made from various hues and species of wood, from southern species of dusk wood to pines from Vintermor's taiga herself. Most are well varnished, if not overly so, and smaller mismatched cases are stacked atop larger ones, creating quite a haphazard feel to the room. Well-worn books are packed tightly onto most of the shelves, and several stacks of overflow do occasionally form atop the impromptu 'ledges' created by the odd-sized bookcases stacked on top of each other, or just upon a conveniently available chair.

There are several tables and scribing desks about the room, allowing one or two to comfortably seat themselves, or wooden chairs to be pulled up to cater to a larger group. Around the fireplace are several comfortable-looking armchairs, punctuated by stringy cushions. Several packs of cards, gaming chips, and traditional board games can be found in a corner of the room, atop a tiny wooden table. To the right, from when one enters, is a desk where the librarian usually sits. A door by him leads upstairs, presumably to his quarters. Two small windows along the same wall as the main door peer out to Ashtara Street.

Flames quietly crackle as they consume hapless logs in the hearth here, fed by one of several assistants or patrons of the library when it gets low again. As protection against the fire accidentally spreading into the room, however, the fire is allowed to burn behind a slightly sooty grating instead of being exposed directly to the room. A door set in the wall near the hearth leads into a small boiler room where logs can be directly fed into the fire.

Commonly known lore about this place suggests that this building used to be the Lord Constable's tower, before it got refurnished into what is now Vintermor's municipal library. Added rumours also hint that a halfling ghost of some notoriety occasionally makes an appearance here, and is partly responsible for the haphazard condition of the library, although the librarian refuses to confirm or deny this to any degree.

The Pit