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What do I need to do to advance a level, once I have the XP?

When a PC has enough XP to level, he must submit a short summary of what he's done since he last leveled. This only needs to be a paragraph or two, or a short list of bulleted items that describe his IC actions. What we want to see is IC goals being met or pursued in order to advance. That's not just combat, or plots. That's RP.

Every PC must submit one log, or participate in one PRP, plotmaster plot, or staff plot before leveling. In other words, if you are 2nd level, and you want to become 3rd, you must submit an RP or plot log to DM Staff if you have not been in a DM or PM-run plot.

Every time a PC is in a plot, or does something noteworthy, he should set a +cnote on himself (See +help +Cnotes), to add a short line to his stored information. This will be submitted with +advapply.

   Sample: On 1/4/02, Joe Blow enters the following note: +cnote oldlady=I helped a little old lady across the street today 
   against her will to force home my evil plans to force people to cross streets.

On 1/10/02, Joe Blow enters the following note:

   +cnote ogre=Today I helped an ogre across the street and managed not to die. My combat skills are becoming stronger.

Since Joe Blow is only looking to go from 2nd to 3rd level, he'll need little justification. If he has the XP to do so, he may +advapply at this point. He should use the command as follows:

   +advapply I would like to gain a level in . 

He may also add any information not already contained in +cnotes that he feels is relevant at this point. Please note that this does not need to be a novel. A short sentence for each note explaining what and why will suffice. We'd just like to see some forethought about how your character's developing.

At this point the +advapply feature sends the request to the DM Staff with a copy of all the notes Job Blow has set on himself this level. The DM decides if the level gain is merited by the notes given. If they are, he will approve Joe Blow to +advance. If your +advapply request is not processed within 48 hours, contact Rune and Swift via @mail.

How do I multiclass to another class?

To multiclass into a new class, you must apply to the DMstaff queue with a multiclassing request well in advance of applying to level. In all cases, you must explain how you learned these new abilities ICly, and it must be roleplayed.

Please note: You may not multiclass into the sorcerer class, as it is a magic-by-birth class. Only people who begin with sorcerer levels may take sorcerer levels.

At one, time we were setting up multiclassing perks for each of the paladin orders. Each order would be able to multiclass in a different secondary class. However, after careful consideration, this was removed, and the theme files altered. The correct theme information on paladin multiclassing: Paladins can multiclass into any class they like. Of course, if they do, or if they advance a level in a previous class, they can never advance as a paladin again.

How do I gain a prestige class?

If you are guiding your character's development toward eventually entering a certain prestige class, please do +qmail DMstaff and ask if we're supporting it here first. If it's on the list on the web site, it is definitely supported; if it's not, please check first. Winter's Edge does not, as a rule, use anything that doesn't come from a Core Rules book, a supplementary class book from WoTC (Sword & Fist, et. al), or from our own staff. We do not accept prestige classes found on random D20 fan sites.

If your PrC requires a roleplaying aspect (meeting a certain type of creature, being ICly recruited), please contact DMstaff through +qmail in order to get that RP component handled before you expect to begin the PrC. Also note that exclusive organizations and groups that you wish to enter may not admit you, dependent on IC actions. A desire for a prestige class is not a guarantee.

Can I level any time, or is there a limitation?

In order to aid in adding a bit of verisimilitude in reflecting the amount of time it takes to improve a character's skills and abilities, we have instituted a policy whereby your time between levels must equal your current level * 2 in days. This means you may gain levels as follows:

Next level Minimum days between levels Next level Minimum days between levels
3rd 4 12th 22
4th 6 13th 24
5th 8 14th 26
6th 10 15th 28
7th 12 16th 30
8th 14 17th 32
9th 16 18th 34
10th 18 19th 36
11th 20 20th 38

You may apply in advance of your leveling date, but the app will not be processed until that date. To check your leveling history to date, type +levspeed from any PC alt.

What's this I hear about level wealth? How is it handled on WE?

As promised in earlier days, we intend to keep the promise about PC wealth scaling to their levels. A variation of less than 10 percent in either direction is within our norm, but more than that means we may want to toss some Cool Stuff your way. Please note that you will not be expected to -give up- anything if you come above the curve. We'd honestly prefer it if people were willing to just take a lesser share in plots of their own volition if they're above the curve.

Next level Wealth in gp Next level Wealth in gp
3rd 2,700 12th 88,000
4th 5,400 13th 110,000
5th 9,000 14th 150,000
6th 13,000 15th 200,000
7th 19,000 16th 260,000
8th 27,000 17th 340,000
9th 36,000 18th 440,000
10th 49,000 19th 580,000
11th 66,000 20th 760,000