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What are Kudos points, and what can I do with them?

Kudos points are a gold star, a pat on the back, or a, "hey, nice job!" These are given to players for those moments when their RP is exceptional, and adds to the fantastical feel of RP on the MUSH. They can be used, in turn, to save the bacon when the times get rough, or to effect dramatically appropriate events.

Every player will have two kinds of kudos points: personal kudos points (pkp) and awardable kudos points (akp). All PCs will come onto the grid with 2 pkp and 5 akp. PCs approved before this policy went into effect will gain more, depending on the length of time here, as a thank-you for being alpha testers. Every personal kudos point earned by a player grants him 0.5 awardable kudos point to spend on other players, as well. This allows active players who contribute a great deal to spread the wealth. When you accumulate kudos, you can spend them on non-material benefits that enhance your RP experience.

A PC may not award kudos to any one player more than once in a month, but can give any one player up to 25 percent of his total number of +akudos points, rounded down.

Kudos will be also used by the staff end to reflect good RP in a plot above and beyond the basics. Players who submit things to help the MUSH can be granted kudos. Players who work hard on plots can be granted kudos. No member of staff other than a DM may hand these out. If someone submits a nice piece of theme, or does some build work, or the like, the player can be submitted for kudos to the DM staff. Think of them as bonuses for being involved in the MUSH as a whole and improving the overall quality of RP.


  • A pkp can be spent to get a reroll on any one roll in a DM Staff plot, per DM approval.
  • A pkp can be spent to gain a small amount of influence with an NPC group or to gain entrance into an exclusive PrC.
  • A pkp may be spent on a DM-determined scale to enact a dramatically appropriate action when the dice say otherwise.

Example: Your barbarian PC just saw his brother cut down by an enemy. He Rages. You spend a DM-determined number of pkp and are granted a dramatic bonus to the roll as determined by the DM, in order to reflect the emotion and passion of that moment.

Additional benefits may be added as time goes on. For help on the commands, check +help kudos. You must type +kudoinit if you were approved before this policy went into place to initialize your kudos.