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What are the consequences of long idle periods?

Aside from the obvious loss of time and enjoyment on the MUSH, players who are idle for prolonged periods without asking staff to set them vacation and set all their belongings and entanglements, as 'safe', after 3 months of idling, they may lose such things as:

  • IC positions of leadership in factions
  • Membership in factions that have space limitations
  • Ownership of @dug buildings, and any money spent in building them

These players will not lose any of their +inventory or money on their person.

If the player has a RL situation that prevented logging in, upon his return, he should speak with staff and see if his PC bit and other things can be restored. In exceptional cases, the staff will consider doing so. Any PC who gives staff notice of his idle period will not forfeit any building projects or memberships, though he would be advised to choose a replacement for leadership positions, or one will be chosen.

In any case, if a PC is idlenuked after 6 months, which is the standard idle-out time on Winter's Edge, he may not be able to get his PC object, or any of the things mentioned above, returned to his control. If he cannot, for some reason, connect to the MUSH, he should contact staff via @mail and ask for his characters and possessions to be safeguarded.