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(+) Help

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Jobs Help

Typing +jhelp will bring you to this screen where you can then type +jhelp <topic> in order to get more specific information about that topic

 Anomaly Jobs v5.0
 Anomaly Jobs is a feature-rich task-tracker.
 Topic         Description                                        
 buckets       How to manage buckets.                                 
 complete      How to complete and follow-through on +jobs.           
 config        How to configure Anomaly Jobs.                         
 commands      A list of commands at-a-glance. No details.            
 create        How to create +jobs and how users can create them.     
 credits*      The credits to Anomaly Jobs.                           
 list          Viewing the +jobs list.                                
 player        Player commands.                                       
 publication   Job publication and player visibility.                 
 manage        Managing your +jobs board.                             
 reports       Getting statistics on the system.                      
 tagging       Tagging jobs for yourself and others.