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This command shows you various bits of information about and will also accept "me" as an argument. +finger is generally a command that notes OOC information and should not be considered IC unless game policy specifically says otherwise.

Syntax: +finger

Finger Setup information:

Syntax: +finger-setup

In order to set attributes for your +finger, the syntax is very simple:

EMAIL : Your email address (optional)

POSITION: Your Position

SHORT-DESC: A short description of yourself

FULLNAME: Your character's full name.

AGE: Your real age

FAME: What you are known for.

APP_AGE: Your apparent age

PLAN: Any plans your character may have

RP-PREFS: Any RP Prefs that you may have as a person

ALTS: Alternate characters you may be known as

THEMESONG: Your Theme Song

QUOTE: A typical quote from your character

OFF-HOURS: When you are usually online.

TEMPERMENT: Should explain itself, really.

VACATION: The dates you expect to be gone.

URL: Your homepage, if any.

For these attributes, simply set them as '&<attribute> me=<information>'

You can also use:

&FINGER-<whatever> me=<information> to add additional fields.

&afinger me=<command> can also be used in a manner similar to @adesc.