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Winter's Edge features an original pantheon of both true gods and upstart 'Primordials', evil dragons who ascended to divinity by seizing power for themselves in a massive uprising. The themefiles below will help you to understand a little more about each of the gods and primordials, and how they fit together on Winter's Edge.


Unending darkness, eternal light; this is how life began.

Above and below our world, are worlds without names. Scholars might have names now for such things, but this is a time where there were nothing to name these places. Above the world is a place of shining light, of eternal light and life and beauty. No mortal eyes could withstand it, the beauty more lethal than the form of the loveliest nymph. Below the world, utter darkness, utter blackness more terrible than the mightiest fiend. Sucking the life out of everything it touches, utter terror and fear spread from its wake.

In the beginning, it was just these two realms, and a void between them. And then the two realms touched, life and death mingling and forming Evighet, the First, the Creator of All Things. And he was alone within the void, watching life and death spiral about him.

He decided to make others, companions. He then reached with his right hand to the realm of life, and his left to the realm of death, and forced more of the realms together. From this sprang the world, Kivi and Valtameri forming the world below, with Tuli at its heart and Frihet roaming free above. Shaking his hands of the darkness and light still on his hands, Evighet caused the stars and night to come into being, shrouding the realms of life and death from view.

Then Evighet took some light from the realm of life, and shaped it into Aurinko the Sun and Forstorelse the Moon. However, Forstorelse was jealous of her brother, and soon conspired against him, even blotting out his light when she could.

Evighet then reached out and cut his hand on the realm of death, his blood pouring into the world. From his blood sprang Elain and Kukka, the gods of the Beasts and the Forests, and through them, life was brought into the world.


Korinthar* Sslira* Talvi*

Deity List

The following lists all the deities that we know of, to this point. Deities are born, and deities are made, but no deities have died. Perhaps it is not possible, how else could the unholy trinity have seized their power and kept a hold of it? Some gods are good, some are evil, and some walk the razor's edge between light and darkness. What path do you choose to follow?

The Gods of Good

Aurinko Kukka Tuli
Kunnia Mod Lognare

The Gods of Neutrality

Aria Evighet Elain
Kivi Kauppias Frihet
Valtameri Skogen Skadia

The Gods of Evil

Forstorelse Hemlig Varjo

Deity Items

These items are made at their temples and sold/given to the faithful only -- and occasionally, to sympathetic allies who have done some service to the temple. They cannot be made by the Mimmi or by crafters who are not tuned into the gods they represent, as there is a built-in discount for the limitation for each item. If a crafter tries to duplicate these items, he will pay the full cost (not the discounted costs listed here), and may earn enmity from the church to which they 'belong.' There are no specific items for the Worldbreakers; this is deliberate.

These items never appear in random treasure; if the DM chooses to include one upon rolling 'DM's option,' or to further a plot, they may, but they will not be integrated into the treasure tables.

All 'Mark of the Deity' items are holy symbols with additional special powers enchanted into them. They are of the finest materials appropriate to the god. Their values differ due to differing powers. Some powers will overlap, as some gods' portfolios govern different aspects of the same things.

Any character who tries to use an item of a deity that is not their own (either by being the primary deity they worship, or by being considered blessed by that deity due to having done the church or deity a service at some point), but is not opposed to theirs, finds it ineffectual. Any character who worships an opposed deity (Mod vs. Forstorelse, for example) and tries to use one of the opposed deity's items takes Item Caster Level * d8 in damage.