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Can PCs die on Winter's Edge?

PCs die. It's part of the genre. In D&D, a wealthy enough PC can be raised, with another PC's intervention. In other words, if you have no PC friends or companions, it's not likely to happen.

All PC Death scenes must be judged by a staffer or Plotmaster qualified to do so, and no DM or PM can rule on PC Death scenes involving his PC. This is without regard to whether he is victim or killer.

All Staff DM and Plotmaster plots are death-consent plots. In other words, if you enter one of these plots, you are consenting to possible PC death. PC Deaths in Plotmaster or Staff DM plots are not open to appeal, except if misconduct is proven. For a definition of what constitutes misconduct, review the policy on staff conduct on this bulletin board.

PRPs where death is a possibility, and a PC is killed, must be witnessed by a staffer or Plotmaster. If no staffer is available, a log will suffice. PRPs where no death consent is obtained cannot kill a PC, but the rewards for said plots will always be lower than a death-consent plot.