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Winter's Edge makes it a policy to maintain our primary codebase as Open Source. To that end, we provide the following downloads to you for your use. We ask only that proper credit is given to the codestaff @ Winter's Edge (crediting the code to 'Codestaff@Winter's Edge' will be sufficient) and those others specifically credited here, and that any modifications or improvements on this code be made accessible as well, in compliance with the Open Source standards. Thank you.

-Meg, Head Coder, Winter's Edge.

Addendum: Please note that this is our previous codebase, not our currently running one ~ Swift

Cgen and Advancement - This code doesn't handle arcane spell selection under the magic code
Inventory Code - Updated 04/06/03
Inventory Items Database - Updated 04/06/03
New Potion and Item Effect Code - Allows potions to be used when stacked, improves functionality. Required to make curative wands heal properly. - Updated 04/06/03 (included in 04/06/03 inv code)

Race and Class Database Object - Unknown update time.
+Roll Code - Updated 04/06/03
+Sheet Code - Updated 04/06/03
Skills Code - Updated 04/06/03
Spell DB - Updated 04/06/03
Spellcasting/Tracking Code - Updated 04/06/03
Staff-only Globals - Updated 04/06/03
Variant +sheet code for Starwards D20 - Developed by Zeus @ SW:The Old Republic based on an early template by Meg@WE.
Vendor Parent (includes example Vendor) - Unknown update time.
Wand Code - By Quillaya - Replaces some functions on Inventory Obj. Included in 4/6/03 Inv Code update

Room parent Room parent for port