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What is WE's policy on TinySex?

Winter's Edge is a D&D-based MUSH. We expect to maintain a high-fantasy setting. As a result, sexual roleplay should be confined to private areas, and should adhere to theme in every way. TSing in public (including using places to simulate privacy - for example TableTop aka TT posing) is considered against theme, and offenses will result in punitive action.

What is the privacy policy on Winter's Edge?

Staff DMs can use coded systems to listen to any scene on the grid, for the purposes of awarding XP for roleplaying, for gaining hooks for plots, for ensuring adherence to theme, to determine if a player is cheating via the use of OOC info ICly, and to observe suspect persons who may be intent to harm the game.

DM Staff are expected to use this power wisely, and not for any other reason than those stated. Frivolous use of the ED command will lead to a review of the DM's position by Head Wizstaff.

How is 'a private place' defined?

Due to possible misunderstandings as to the definition of 'public' locations and RP versus 'private' locations and RP, we will clarify the difference here:

PRIVATE: Private places include a PC-owned or rented residence (and yes, this includes tents and other temporary structures as well as houses, apartments, or rooms in an inn) or the back/private room of a PC-owned shop. In addition, secure areas such as most of the Dimmuborgir, the members-only areas of temples and the Mimmisbrunnur, any private area owned by a faction, and other similar places are restricted to the membership and their invited/approved guests. -No- other place on the grid qualifies as Private. Any scenes in public areas may be logged for the purpose of awarding XP from the DM staff.

PUBLIC: Any place on the grid not mentioned above. This includes trails, roads, public or common rooms in taverns, the business area of shops, and any piece of outdoor grid. A PC may have built it, but that doesn't mean he owns it. Period. While PCs can claim to own a place ICly, there will be ICC for claiming the Crown or nobility's possessions (that being, the land) as one's own. In addition, no player has the right to OOCly tell another player to leave a public place. (ICly is another story.)

If you don't have a residence yet, or want to have a private scene set in someplace near a grid location, the plot rooms are there for you to use at will. If you have any questions about whether a place is public or private, please contact DM staff.

Refer to the Conduct section of this FAQ for the WE policy on privacy.

How is rape handled on Winter's Edge?

This is a high-fantasy game, and as such, the elements of other, darker genres are not appropriate here. The administration of Winter's Edge has a strict no-rape policy in place. This includes character backgrounds and all roleplay.

How is pregnancy handled on Winter's Edge?

First, let me say that Winter's Edge will never, never, make a PC pregnant by staff fiat. That's not how we work. In a world where wishes can come true, it stands to reason that there are both magical and alchemical means to prevent unwanted pregnancy. PCs will be assumed to be using precautions unless they specify otherwise, as described below.

Second, if you decide your PC is pregnant, you need to +qmail DMstaff with the conception date. We will give you an appropriate date of birth based on your race, and will +stnote such information on you. If you wish us to determine gender or the possibility of multiple births, we will; otherwise, it's up to you. This must also be +stnoted. (Within reason - multiple births are almost unheard of among elves and dwarves, and rare among all other races.)

Once you are pregnant, you can expect the following effects:

  • If at any point during your pregnancy, damage can harm your unborn child. If you take damage as follows, you may miscarry. A Con check at 15 + the stage number listed below will be required to keep the child.

- More than a third of your hit points in damage in a single attack. - 2/3 or more of your HP lethal damage at any point, even from multiple attacks or multiple combats. - More than half of your HP in subdual damage from exposure and hardship.

Stages of pregnancy and effects:

Stage 1: 1/3 of the way into the pregnancy period, you will begin to show. You will be tired. By this point, you will have begun to feel the normal first-stage effects of pregnancy (hunger, cravings, morning nausea, gas). Your dexterity will be reduced by 1 at this point. At this point, your desc must be changed to begin to show. Armor, unless magical, will no longer fit now.

Stage 2: 1/2 of the way into the pregnancy, all of the above effects apply; even loose clothes will not conceal pregnancy at this point. Your dexterity will be reduced by another 1 to a total of -2. Your desc must again be changed.

Stage 3: 2/3 of the way into pregnancy, you have become ungainly, and your stomach is protruding and large, making it hard to stand or walk for long periods. All negative affects above apply. In addition, your dexterity is reduced by another 1 for a total of -3. Your Fort save for endurance tasks is halved (i.e. if you have a +8 Fort save, it goes to a +4 for endurance tasks). Endurance tasks include long marches, extended physical activity, or prolonged exposure to cold. In addition, if you endure long travel, forced marches, or ride from prolonged periods, you have a chance to lose the pregnancy. Your desc must again be changed.

Stage 4: In the final 1/4 of your pregnancy, your dexterity is reduced to a total of -4. All negative affects above apply. You now look like you are concealing a turkey carcass under your tunic. Your desc must again be changed.

Pregnancy Time table: All of the numbers below are in months.
Race Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Birth
Dwarf 5 7.5 10 12.5 15
Elf 8 12 16 18 24
Gnome 3 4 6 7 9
Half-Orc 2.5 3.5 5 6.5 7.5
Half-Elf 3.5 5.5 7.5 9.5 11
Halfling 2 3 5 7 8
Human 3 4.5 6 7.5 9

What about birth control? Homosexuality? Sex aids and toys?

Vintermori tend to be open about sexuality, and earthy sorts. Very few people of either gender marry as virgins. However, they are also fairly straightforward folk. As a result, the sexual variations of modern society are largely unheard of, and sexual toys and devices are private creations at best. Vintermori of all races tend to believe that what the gods gave you at birth should suffice, at least when it comes to sex.

Please note that these policies reflect the theme of Winter's Edge, and in no way reflect the opinions of Staff in real life.

*Birth control: Because of the open attitude about sexuality, and the fact that long cold winters often limit one's options for other entertainment, various forms of birth control are used. They may be herbal, alchemical, or magical; midwives and herbalists know of the proper plants to use for this purpose, and any alchemist in the area will know how to make the monthly potions. These will not be tracked, or cost actual IC money; it will be subsumed into the cost of living. No PC will become pregnant without player consent.

*Homosexuality: In Vintermor, heterosexuality is the norm. More so, homosexuality as a lifestyle is rare enough that it is almost never done openly, and the few who choose to be open about it are not well regarded. While there are those who practice same-sex unions, so long as they are discreet, they will generally be assumed to be friends, not lovers.

*Sexual devices and 'toys': A note about sex toys, lingerie, and intimate apparel: Given the setting, many modern innovations used in intimate relations are considered far beyond the scope of theme. Gnomish tinkers, elven artisans, dwarven master craftsmen, and great wizards generally have more important things to do than craft wind-up sword-hilts, exquisitely carved shillelaghs, magically 'self-motivating' tent pegs, or what have you.

Considering the wide array of normal 'household items' that might serve the needs of simple folk in dire straits and the general lack of large amounts of leisure time among most of the populace, edible underwear, bondage gear, and other implements of a dedicatedly sexual purpose would have to be considered outside of the scope of the game's setting and theme. The Varsidar might have such things, but if so, they are definitely implements of social machination and dominance, and not simply 'ribbed for her pleasure'.